Saturday, April 3

Books that Followed Me Home

Okay so this will likely be a re-accuring post title in the blog, because I'm always buying books and decided that this will be a neat new way to showcase them when I do buy them, from bookstores, used-book stores, or where ever I happen to pick the book book up. This is just something I'm doing on my own, but if you also have the same problem as me, and books just follow you home when you're out and about, feel free to post a link of any books you bought er followed you home. (I personally am honoured these books chose me to call their new home. Although my poor book shelves are bursting. I now have 328 books, and one is on the way in the mail. Sorry bookshelves!)

Today after I got a cute little hair cut, then went on my way to the used bookstores, I made a quick pitstop at the mall. Mainly to buy bus tickets and to use the washroom. I didn't mean to stop in the book store, honestly I didn't, but Coles (Part of indigo/chapters a book store similar to Barns n Nobles in Canada) was on my way, so I slipped in. And two books followed me home. I also got a new Irewards card, which just gives me deals on books when I buy them brand new and save money!

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See - a book I wasn't thinking about buying, but I've been wanting to read it, but wasn't planning on buying it right away, I just thought I'd get to it when I did, but it was on for 20% off. So I decided why not?

Bitten by Kelly Armstrong - Also a book I wasn't planing on buying, I've been wanting to read her books for a while, especially considering she'll be coming to Polaris (a Sci-Fi convention/nerd fest I might go to). And if she is there, and I'm there, I should probably have some knowledge of her books. So I bought this one, to give it a try. And I found out she'll be coming to one of the other Coles bookstores in a few weeks in my home town!

The I made my way downtown to the used bookstores, visiting two of the bookstores that are down there. And I came home with 7 more books. 9 books in total followed me home today. (Again, bookshelves I'm sorry!)

Here's the books that followed me home. Or I suppose I can say I rescued them.

3) Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier - I loved Triteen Moons, and read the first chapter of this last year, but then I forgot I had it and the library demanded it back. Along with the late fees. So now I own this, and it should be a good read.

4) Adam Bede by George Eliot - This book I grabbed to fill a spot for the George Eliot challenge I'm in, in case I don't get a chance to read Middlemarch, I now have two of her shorter books to read.

5) The Pathfinders by James Fenimore Cooper - Apprently this is book THREE in the Leatherstocking Tales (The Last of the Mohicans being book two. Five tales in all. So now I own books two and three, and will have to find/borrow book One. I never knew The Last of the Mohicans was even part of a series. But apparently it is.

6) Life on the Mississippi - Mark Twain - This is a memior/non-fictional book by Mark Twain, but this bookstore had it in with the fictional. I didn't realize it myself until I looked it up at home on LibraryThing. (Which IMO the used bookstore should do, as the have Soul Mountain, by Gao Xingjian with the "X" authors, but Gao is his actual last name. The library has it filed right, but the bookstore doesn't.) Either way, I found this book and thought it be interesting to read, something different than his more young adult related books.

7) We by Eugene Zamiatan - This book I had been waiting for for a long time. Especially considering that only one person before me had the book, and when I went to see online it said the book was due back March 12, 2010. And of course it was way past that. So when I saw it on the bookshelf of the used bookstore, I had to grab it. No more waiting! So of course the person finally returned the book and the book is now on it's way to the hold shelf for me. Oh well.

8) Nights Below Station Street and 9) For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down by David Adam Richards - I was browsing through the Canadian Lit section at the second bookstore, also my favourite, where I came close to buying a leather bound copy of Three of Charles Dickens books, but I'm pretty sure Amazon has a sale for the same copy brand new, so I'll check it out there first. Anyways I saw these two books by Richards, and remember having "Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace" although I haven't read it yet. When reading the back of the covers of the two books listed above, I realized the book I had sitting on my shelf at home was book two in a trilogy! And I had one and three in my hands, so of course I allowed the books to follow me home. Again this was the case of having a book and no clue it was part of a series. This trilogy sounds like a good read so I can't wait.

And that's all the books that followed me home this week. I came close to bring home Book two in the Wrinkle in Time Series and a few other books. And there's a good chance that leather bound charles dickens book may come live with me. Having the used bookstore across the street from the bus stop and work is a bad, bad idea. And next segment of this, because lets face it, its me and I love books, probably won't be as long, I'm tired and trying to wake my self up. So far not working.


  1. WE is an excellent book!

  2. Cold Mountain and Shanghai Girls are excellent books. Happy reading, happy easter and happy national poetry month!

  3. I enjoyed both Bitten and Cold Mountain!

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  5. Love the title--that's a good way to describe what happens! I liked Cold Mountain and Adam Bede. I just got Romola by George Eliot in the mail for the Eliot Challenge.

  6. I've wanted to read Shanghai Girls for quite sometime, but it's always been checked out of the library when I look for it.

    Happy reading!

  7. Amanda - WE looks to be an excellent book, I saw someone review it a few months ago, and decided it would be a great option for the A - Z challenge. And after waiting for so long to get it for the library, it now lives on the shelves.

    Serena - Thanks! I completely forgot it was Nationhood Poetry month. I've heard such great things about both books, I just hope I'm not disappointed or have to high expectations of them.

    Linda - I'm going out on a bit of a limb with Bitten. I do like fantasy books and want to go more into the area surrounding werewolves/vampires in a more adult aspect. But I'm not such a big fan of the paranormal-romance stuff if it's to much of a main aspect of the book.

    Shelley - I swear that's what happened. They all just followed me home! I haven't read anything by Eliot yet, but can't wait to try out some of the books I have.

  8. All of these look like amazing reads! The only one I own is Bitten, though I haven't read it yet. I know just how it is when a great big stack of books follows you home, and I hope you enjoy all of them!

  9. Hope you love Shanghai Girls as much as I did. I borrowed Cold Mountain from Serena ages ago, but still haven't read it. Thanks for reminding me that I have it. ;)

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