Sunday, April 25

Books That Followed Me Home 3

Hello everyone, here's another addition of "The Books that Followed me Home."

The Books that Followed me Home, is a meme I do on my blog, were I showcase all the books I have bought at the bookstore or used book store during the week (or two weeks). Since I claim they follow me home, I only list the books I physically went into the store to get. Or as I say, I was out minding my own business, and they just followed me home. You are welcome to participate if you wish, right now it's just a little thing I do for the fun of it, but if you have the same problem (and I know many of you probably do) just leave a link in the comments section.

Okay, so I didn't do this last week, but I've seen other bloggers do it for their blogs, so I should do the same, and actually list the books I showed, since they can go by fast when I talk about them and all that.

People mentioned : Rebecca Reid of Rebecca Reads - I was catching up on my feeds (finally), and she mentioned in her Library Loot/Friday Finds a book I found this week as well. So I mentioend her, because I thought it was neat, both of us were talking about/found the same book. When, until I found it, I've never even heard of it. So Hi!

Books Mentioned

1) Thirty Acres - Ringuet
2) Little Alters Everywhere - Rebecca Wells
3) Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood - Rebecca Wells
4) Tipperary - Frank Delaney
5) Liberty - Kimberly Iverson
6) Tales From Firozsha Baag -
7) Mister Pip - Lloyd Jones
8) Molly Withers and the Golden Tree - Kent Allen Rees
9) Feathered Serpent - Xu Xiaobin
10) Petals from the Sky - Mingmei Yip
11) Valmiki's Daughter - Shani Mootoo
12) And the Angels Sang -Lorina Stephens
13) Shadow Song - Loriana Stephens

Does anyone know a good way to make the videos smaller, without making the quality so bad? I need an in between save option of email video and standard video. If anyone has tips let me know. Now off to finish a few books.


  1. Jules, a lot of these books are new to me, but I really want to read Master Pip. I also have read all the Ya-Ya books, and I really enjoyed them. I hope you do too. I really love seeing all the books that are following you home! Great feature!

  2. I'm enjoying these posts! I haven't heard of a lot of these, but it's fun to see the covers.

  3. Zibilee - Lately I've been grabbing books and buying them, where I haven't heard of the author or title before, but look really good. I enjoyed Divine sisterhood, so I'm sure the other two will be good books as well.

    Shelley - They're fun to do, except at the end of the month when you realized how many books you got. Oh, and the book shelves threatening to rebel against me also is worrisome, but I love collecting books!