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February 2010 Wrap-Up!

This Month I read 11/elven books. Which is great, I'm a little down from last month,but concidering I started a new job half way through the month, which gives less time for reading, I've done great. Go me! I also have a good handle on my challenges (so far), I'm happy with how they're going, how far I'm into each of them etc. And so far, my reading hasn't been "compromised" to finish challenges. Yes I've read books I disliked, but so far I'm still able to have a fairly open reading palate with a lot of options for me, even with all of these challenges.

This Months Reads:
This month I read two short story collections, two novellas. Also, for the most part, I was able to "visit" a bunch of different places in my readings, I've never gone before. So that was good (Algeria, Argentina, Burma (aka Maynmar (sp?)), Columbia, Vietnam. I'm very happy about that.
My favourite books of the month; Catching Fire, The Piano Tuner, The Things They Carried, and A Study in Scarlet. The Unit was a close one though. In fact, although I gave Catching Fire a higher rating, I think overall I enjoyed The Piano Tuner and The Things They Carried more, I think once I read Catching fire again, and again (lol) I'd probably have different view, but the other two, would likely stay the same. 

1) The Unit - Ninni Holmqvist - 7.5/10
2) Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins - 9/10
3) The Book aof Stand - Jorge Luis Borges - 7/10
4) Quarctet in Autumn - Barbara Pym  - 5/10
5) The Lace Reader - Brunonia Barry - 4.5/10
6) Nefertiti - Michelle Moran - 7.5/10
7) The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien - 8.5/10
8) The Outsider - Albert Camus - 6/10
9) The General in his Labyrinth - Gabriel Garcia Marquez - 7/10
10) A Study in Scarlet - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - 8/10
11) The Piano Tuner - Daniel Mason  - 8.5/10

Challenge Progress

Completed Challenges This Month (reading challenge addict image from a Novel Challenge)

New Author Challenge - 15/15 Books Read

Current Challenge Progress

Read 'n' Review - 25 Books
Pages Read - 7, 056/50,000

1st in a Series Challenge - 1/3
2nd's Challenge - 4/6
10/10 Challenge - 25/100
18th and 19th Century Women Writers - 1/3
52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge - 8/52
100+ Challenge - 25/100
451 Reading Challenge - 0/7
A - Z Challenge - 19/52
All About the Brontes Challenge - 1/3
Bibilophilic Challenge - 1/6
Canadian Challenge the 3rd - 2/13
Centuries Challenge - 1/3
Chick Lit Challenge - 0/8
Chunkster Challenge - 0/4 (Starts Feb 1, 2010)
Countdown Challenge - 16/55
Decades Challenge - 2/10
Ebook Challenge - 0/6
Fantasy Challenge - 0/6
Flashback Challenge - 0/6(+?)
Finish that Series Challenge - 0/3 Series
Global Reading Challenge - 11/12
Historical Reading Challenge - 4/6
Jane Austen Challenge - 0/4
The Marple Poitot Holmes Challenge - 3/6
Random Reading Challenge - 0/9
Reading Through the Seasons Challenge - 1/4
Reading Western Europe Challenge - 4/12
RYOB Challenge - 4/50
Support Your Local Library Challenge - 21/50
TBR Lite Challenge - 0/6
A Tournament of Reading - 0/3
Typically British Challenge - 5/6
War Through the Generations: Vietnam - 1/5
What's in a Name? III - 3/6
Wish I Read That Challenge - 8/12
Women Unbound Challenge - 0/5

Mini Challenges

George Eliot Mini Challenge - 0/2
Elizabeth Glaskell Mini Challenge - 1/2
Leo Tolsty Mini Challenge - 0/2
French Revolution Challenge - 0/2
Wilkie Collins Challenge - 1/2

Link for all Mini Challenges Here

Total Challenges Completed: 

2/44 PROGRESS! ... .err sorta.

Countries Visited: 

Burma, Columbia, Vietnam, England, Egypt, USA, Argentina and Algeria
(Last month I forgot Mexico and Trinidad on my map of places I've visited (in books) pre-2010.Opps!

Updated Map

visited 29 states (12.8%)
Create your own visited map of The World

Books that Followed me Home

None.... woah.. wait....what? No I am not sick. Don't worry. Just busy working. Once I get the dreaded debts paid off books will once again, accidentally follow me home!

Goals for Next Month

I have two challenges I only have 1 book for, so I should be able to finish those. I'm going to read at least two or three Canadian Authors, and read at least two books from the Random Reading Challenge. Now that I'm used to the new daily schduele and the olympics are done, I can get back to normal reading.
 And finally to All the athletes who were in the olympics win or lose, you all did awesome but.....

Sorry, had to. :)

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