Sunday, February 28

Book Review: A Study in Scarlet

Title: A Study in Scarlet

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Pages: 135

Summary: Watson mused over Holmes's words. He had met the amateur sleuth for the first time only a short while before, and already Sherlock Holmes had astonished him with his amazing powers of detection as he was to continue to do throughout their long life together.

In this, their first adventure, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson uncover a thrilling story of murder, love and revenge, which began years before in Salt Lake City . . .

My Rating: 8/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I really enjoyed this novella by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which is about the infamous Sherlock Holmes, which I found to be better than the short story collection I read and reviewed last month.
Part of the reason why the novella was better than the short stories, is that it gives the reader a better introduction and explanation of the characters, their background and character traits, so all their little eccentric traits (and lets face it, Sherlock Holmes has a lot), make a lot more sense and fit in the story better. This could also be partly due to the fact this particular novella was the first time Holmes and Watson met, so it purposely done this way.

I also like the overall mystery of this book. It being split into two parts the first half was the initial crime/murder and the steps and “deduction” in attempts to solve the case, which ended in a slight cliff hanger, then moved onto the second part, which happens many years before the murder/crime happened. Both parts are linked together nicely. When I first started reading the second half I was worried it would flow right with the first half, but the author made it work. In fact once I got into the second half, I hated to set it done, it became very exciting, as I started to figure out what was happening and what would happen next.
Sherlock Holmes is an amazing character, he can be a little arrogant at times, but that’s part of what I like about him, it makes him that more fascinating, when he knows he’s right and others are around and the way he behaves. It makes for an entertaining read and at times, funny.

What I didn’t like. Again this was a book, where I found a few small insignificant t

Would I recommend it to read: I would recommend this book to read, I found it to be a lot better than the short stories (although they were also well done), but the novella on Sherlock Holmes enabled you to see more into Holmes and Watson’s characters and how they began. It also had a more in-depth mystery/case to solve, so I didn’t get that rushed ending feeling you sometimes get with the short stories.

What to read next: More Sherlock Holmes!

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  1. I have two giant collections of the Sherlock Holmes stories, and although I haven't yet read them, I have been hearing very pleasing reviews of Doyle's work all over the internet in the past few months. I am glad that you liked this story and I am really looking forward to experiencing some of that Sherlock love myself!!

  2. Zibilee - two giant collections? Ooo I'm jealous. The more I read of Sherlock, the more I fall in love with the character and the author. I hope you get to them soon.

  3. Study in Scarlet is one of my favourite Holmes mysteries, though The Hound of the Baskervilles is too epic :)

    It's such a pleasure reading Holmes :)

  4. Arthur Conan Doyle always made the characters "cried" adverbly. Maybe i find it only in my Barnes & Noble edition of Sherlock Holmes.