Monday, January 11

Musing Mondays

This weeks musing monday's grabbed my eyes, so I thought I'd jump in and participate.

Are your bookshelves strictly books only? Or have knick-knacks invaded? Do your shelves also shelve DVDs? Photos? Why not snap a photo – I’m sure we all like to spy on other’s shelves!  Host Site Here
Okay, so this I've answered this question a few times on here, but my book situation has grown since then. So here's some pictures of my shelves now.

 The picture on the left is a picture of the main two shelves, where I've had to stack books on the very top, just to make room for all the books I own.The other one is mainly a DVD shelf, although the top on as you can see is for books, since I've jammed pack the other two.

These are all of my non-fiction books, there is no room on the shelves, and I don't like double stacking my books because I like them to be in order and visible. Not to mention I worry my book shelves might collapse under the weight

I do have a few nick-knacks. Stuffed bears ontop of the books on the top shelf (they used to just be bears up there, but the collection is to big now to do that) and I have a Spike figure from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in front of the DVD collection. Other than that my book shelves for the books are clutter free, and organized in alphabetical order by author, and sub categorized by title and series. (Except the non-fiction books, which are organized by there would be Dewey, or as close as I could get them). (The DVDS are by TV sereis in alpha order and so where the regular DVDs but they got disorganized around the same time my DVD player started malfunctioning.) But that's my collection all 296 (not including the doubles of HP and LOTR/Hobbit)

Overall I'm super OCD about how my books are organized and I dislike having them out of order. Or being borrowed.


  1. I like your shelves and how neatly you've arranged your books.

  2. I hate to let my books be borrowed either but I have a thing about saying no to someone who wants to read too... It does look like you have a great collection!

  3. Loving your shelves Jules. Great blog too.

  4. Oh my! So, so organized! My shelves look like a huge mess compared to yours! Plus, the book population has gotten out of control over here and they pretty much have invaded every flat surface of the bedroom, dining room, and living room. I am going to have to try to get more organized. It's embarrassing, really.

  5. Melody - The odd part is, although I'm "fairly" neat most of the time. The only thing that I'm really overly neat-freak about are my books.

    Ladytink-534 - I don't like saying no to people who want to read either, which is why I direct them to the library! I love my collection, the only problem, it's to small!

    Boofsbookshelf - thanks!

    Zibilee - I've been keeping book buying/adding new books to my collection at a minimum, because there isn't any room for them where I am. Once I get back to having my own place and disposable income, I'm sure books will take over my entire house! (as long as I have a space to sit comfortably, place to make coffee and food and a place to sleep, Im okay with that).