Thursday, January 7

Book Review: The End of the Alphabet

Title: The End of the Alphabet

Author: CS Richardson

Pages: 139

Summary: Ambrose Zephyr is a contented man. He shares a book-laden Victorian house with his loving wife, Zipper. He owns two suits, one of which he was married in. He is a courageous eater, save brussels sprouts. His knowledge of wine is vague and best defined as Napa, good; Australian, better; French, better still. Kir royale is his drink of occasion. For an Englishman he makes a poor cup of tea. He believes women are quantifiably wiser than men, and would never give Zipper the slightest reason to mistrust him or question his love. Zipper simply describes Ambrose as the only man she has ever loved. Without adjustment.

Then, just as he is turning fifty, Ambrose is told by his doctor that he has one month to live. Reeling from the news, he and Zipper embark on a whirlwind expedition to the places he has most loved or has always longed to visit, from A to Z, Amsterdam to Zanzibar. As they travel to Italian piazzas, Turkish baths, and other romantic destinations, all beautifully evoked by the author, Zipper struggles to deal with the grand unfairness of their circumstances as she buoys Ambrose with her gentle affection and humor. Meanwhile, Ambrose reflects on his life, one well lived, and comes to understand that

My Rating: 7/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was a short little novella, but had a strong message of love, life and living both to the fullest. The book wasn’t exactly what I expected, but overall it was enjoyable, the author did an excellent job at pulling in the emotions a person and their loved one feels when being told they would only have a month to live. I don’t think I can even imagine how I would react to that, until it happened to me or a loved one. But the author does do a good job at trying to pull the reader into that mind set.

The book was written, almost like a collection of free style verses. “Chapters” were short, simple but at held powerful emotions or stories. I really liked the ending, but can’t say why, so in order to find out, read it for your self. It’s a quick read, but one I think everyone should try, because of what the reader gets out of it in the end, which is living life to its fullest, and treasure the small things in life. Overall a good read!

Would I recommend it to read:Yes I would. It's a short read, but holds an important message and the flow is easy to follow.

What to read next: This is another books, where I'm at a slight loss, as to where to go to next. The only book that comes close to this is the Time Traveller's Wife. It'd s bit of a stretch but, the only book title that pops into my head.

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  1. I remember enjoying the book when I read it, but I can barely remember it now. :-(

  2. This sounds like an interesting little read, and one that I think I would really enjoy. I have ordered a sample chapter from it for my Kindle, and I will let you know what I think!

  3. Zibilee - it's worth the read, hope you enjoy it!

    Softdrink - that happens to me to, you remember enjoying a book a lot, but can't remember it or why.

  4. I wasn't a big fan of this book. What I remember from reading it: the author had an interesting concept, and if you are interested in a concept book, fine. I just found that it didn't make a good novel.