Thursday, October 1

September Wrap-Up

September is finished. And now there is only 3 months left to the end of the year. So I REALLY need to get cracking on my reading. Why can't I have more reading months like April? Not to mention, this last few days I haven't gotten much reading done, because at the moment curling up with a book is a little difficult. I bruised (or cracked? most likely bruised) my ribs earlier in the week. (I was choking, and mom well, saved me). I'm okay, just left side is a bit painful if I twist my body, slouch, sleep, laugh, sneeze etc. So curling up in my favourite chair with my books isn't happening as much. Lucky for me my computer chair makes me sit up pretty straits, so I'm good for sitting here. It's not the best reading chair, but it will make do until I heal.

So on to the books. This month I managed to read 9 (nine) books. Not a bad month.

1) Fifth Life of the Cat Woman - Kathleen Dexter - 9.5/10
2) The Thirteenth Tale - Dianne Setterfield - 4.5/10
3) The Notebook - Nicolas Sparks - 7/10
4) Anthem - Ayn Rand - 7.75/10
5) One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel García Márquez - 7.5/10
6) The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins - 9.5/10
7) Cranford - Elizabeth Gaskell - 7.5/10
8) Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe - 4/10
9) The Patriot (adapted screenplay) - Stephen Molstad - 6.5/10

My favourite book(s) of the month were; The Fifth Life of the Cat Woman and The Hunger Games. My least favourite book(s) of the month were; The Thirteenth Tale and Robinson Crusoe.

As for my challenges, I didn't manage to finish any again this month. But I do have a bunch of books checked out from the Library that will ensure I finished the Decades Challenge. And I'm getting close to finishing the 100+ I know by December I'll have that finished (the 24 hour read-a-thon will help with that too).
I joined one challenge, this month, and dropped out of another. I've decided to drop out of the EBook Challenge, because with all the books I have to read, I don't think I have time to read Ebooks. I know one or two books for challenges I'm still in are going to be in EBook form, but I know I wont be able to finish it, so sadly I bow out. I do plan on joining a challenge, because this challenge is also in 2010 and I plan to read most of the books then, but there's a few I have on my shelf right now, that will fit in (2010 Countdown Challenge). I failed one challenge. Which was the one I created, ouch! Ah well it was fun. And thanks to those who joined in the challenge. Sorry if I wasn't the best host, my first attempt at a challenge. I think I will host another challenge again, but do some better planning pre-challenge.

So with out further procrastinating here's my challenge progress.

Currently In Progress Challenges

(Another) 1% Well Read Challenge (My List)
Progress: 9/13

1st in a Sereis Challenge (My List)
Progress: 4/12

100+ Challenge (My List)
Progress: 74/100

18th and 19th Century Women Writers (My List)
Progress: 1/8

3rd Canadian Challenge (My List)
Progress: 0/13

999 Challenge (My List)
Progress: 32/81

A - Z Challenge (My List)
Progress: 45/52

Book Awards Challenge III (My List)
Progress: 2/5

Chick Lit Challenge (My List)
Progress: 3/10

Chunkster Challenge (My List)
Progress: 0/3

Decades Challenge (My List)
Progress: 5/9

Dewey's Challenge (My List)
Progress: 2/6

Fall into Reading 2009 Challenge (My List)
Progress: 3/21

Random Reading Challenge (My List)
Profress: 0/9

RYOB Challenge (My List)
Progress: 22/25

TBR Challenge (My List)
Progress: 2/12

War Through the Generations (WWII) (My List)
Progress: 2/5

Whats in a Name Challenge (My List) Progress: 0/6

Young Adult Challenge (My List)
Progress: 7/12

I'm also planing for next years challenges, although I wont post the lists until late december, unless they're challenges that take place in 2009 and 2010. But, for this time around I plan on making a list of possible books to use for a challenge, instead of pre-making a list (unless of course the challenge calls to have a pre-made list). That way if a book is unavailable at the library, or unavailable for me, I won't be scrambling and it gives me a lot more books to choose from depending on my mood. So I'm starting to get some ideas down. And for the 10.10 Challenge (10 books, 10 categories in  2010 (this challenges ensures I finish the 100+ challenge!)

So if anyone has suggestions for my categories let me know (I'm also using this to branch out a bit in my reading bubble)so here are my categories I need recommendations for

17th - 19th Century Lit
(Author must have lived or book wrote during (if it was published after there death its okay, but originally has to be written during those times)

Historical Fiction

Around the World - Africa and Asia
(Author lives or Book takes place there)

2 Years Old or Less (Book Published 2008 - 2010)


I Like Fat Books
(Books that are 550 or more pages)

R - Z Authors
(Author's Last Name Starts with One of the letters.)

I Rescued That Book in ‘10
(Books I "rescue" from the used bookstore)

Before I was a Movie
(Books that have had movies made about them)

Hodgepodge O’ Books
(Anything that interests me, spill overs from other categories etc).

So if anyone has suggestions, just leave a comment. (Even if you don't leave a comment, may not always reply, but I always read them :) )

Oh and I forgot to mention, I added my contact info and where else to find me on my side bar. Feel free to added me! I'm debating listing Facebook or not. But if/when I do, just tell me your a book blogger so I know. And happy fall everyone! I have suddenly become addicted to Ginger Spice Tea!


  1. !!! Choking? Oh Jules I'm so glad you're okay. :/ That's really scary. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    You still had a good month. And you're already planning for next year's challenges? Wow. I have a couple ideas in mind, but I don't think I'm going to sign up for as many.

  2. Wow! You participate in a LOT of challenges! Good luck with all that!
    Now, I'm feeling motivated. I might go curl up back in bed and read. :-)

    Oh, and I'm so glad you didn't choke. How scary that must have been!

  3. Jules,

    I love your name, btw. I'm sorry to hear about your choking experience. I just have to say that I hope you are doing alright now and feeling better.
    Your reading amazes me! I love what you are planning. I'd like to wish a lot of luck in all that you participate in. Looking forward to reading more about it too! :)

  4. Jules I hope you feel better soon.

    I was like that last week when I pulled a muscle in my back. Every move I made was killing me so rest up and get well soon.

    I was blown away by the challenges you are a part of. I wish I could do that but I have a hard time with the ones I am doing now. The only one were I seem to be doing the best in is the 100+ Challenge.

    You had a great month of Sept. Sadly mine was a slow month and that was in part due to my son going back to school and getting into the routine again. Hoping for a better Oct.

  5. I hope you are feeling better, Jules! So sorry to hear about your choking experience. That must have been so scary for you. I am glad you are here to tell about it, though. :)

    Your list of challenges looks like mine used to before I scrapped some a month ago. I had to get rid of the 999 Challenge because there was no way I would finish it, plus it was keeping me from the challenges I could complete.

    I totally have some ideas for your new challenges. Africa and Asia? Oh yeah. I got you covered. E-mail me and I will send you back a good list. I do like my cultural reads. :)

  6. Yes I am alright. Ribs are almost completely healed. Thanks for your concern :). I haven't been on here for a while because just got over a cold, and spent my days sleeping it off.

    I don't know how I'm going to finish all these challenges, hopefully the 24-hour-read-a-thon will help with it though :)

    I may have to scrap 999 Challenge, we'll see how I am by the months end, but it's starting to look like I won't finish it, we shall see. I will e-mail you Rebecca thanks!

  7. I hope you are feeling better now! That must have been scary!

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