Saturday, October 24

Read-a-thon Zero Hour!

According to my clock the Readathon starts in two minutes! I have my first book, and a steaming mug of coffee by my side and I'm reading to go!

 My Twitter is bookwormjules, in case you wish to add me, I'll likely be able to update there more frequently then on the blog. Good luck to all.

And I can start soon! Starting off light and reading the Magicians Nephew. Good luck all and happy reading


  1. Awesome, have fun!

    ps - the cheerleaders would love you to death if you took word verification off for just the readathon.

  2. yeay!! Enjoy your first read.

  3. Starting your morning with a book and coffee sounds heavenly!

    Good luck with all of you reading today!

  4. Such a great morning here in South Alabama, just the perfect time to grab that cup of coffee and read, read, read!!! So keep up the great reading and enjoy!!!
    the Transcendentalists team!

  5. I wish you the best reading day! :D

  6. Have fun reading! Oh and I totally agree with Amanda :)

  7. Hello Jules! Nice selection of books! Good Luck with your Reading :)