Wednesday, September 30

Book Review: The Patriot

Title: The Patriot 

Author: Stephan Molstad (adapted from the screenplay)

Pages: 297

Summary: In Tyranny's Fire A Hero Is Forged

In Britain's American colonies, the cry goes out for freedom as the air from Lexington to the Carolinas burns hot with powder smoke and cannon fire. But Benjamin Martin has had his fill of war. A veteran of the fierce French and Indian conflict, he has renounced fighting forever, retiring to his South Carolina farm to raise his motherless children in peace.

Now the war has found his hiding place, bringing its senseless cruelty back into his life and destroying what he holds most dear. And Benjamin Martin must take up arms to fight again--to lead a makeshift army of brave farmers and craftsmen against a relentless, overwhelming enemy--in the blessed cause of liberty...and blood vengeance.

My Rating: 6.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This is one of those SUPER rare cases where the movie is better then the book. But in this case, the movie came first, the book came second. And the book is an excellent version of the book; the author did a great job of adapting the film into book form. It just wasn’t the same as the movie, which is a favourite of mine, and a movie I’ve watched multiple times (I’m a big Jason Isaacs fan)

What I liked about the book was that we got a better glimpse at the characters, and there were parts in the book, that weren’t in the movie (or maybe they were just deleted from the final cut). But I was happy to see more into some of the characters personalities and characterizations, that aren’t shown in the movie.

What I didn’t like about the book was the battle scenes weren’t as well done. They were almost dull, for battle scenes, and weren’t described as in-depth as they were in the movie. Also Tavington’s character just wasn’t as fun in the book to read as he was to watch, and that one of the best parts of the movie, is his character and his wickedness. He was still a nasty piece of work in the book, but something from the deliverance was missing.

Overall, although it was an excellent adaptation, it still had that something extra missing from the book.

On an unrelated note, I didn’t even know this book existed. I was trying to find a replacement book for one of my War Time Fiction options in the 999 Challenge. And I was just looking for a book that had similar themes or ideas to the movie Patriot, and ended up finding the book version, so I was happy I managed to find it.

Would I recommend it to read: If you liked the movie, or Revolutionary war time fiction then yes. Otherwise, I'd stay away from it.

What to read next: If you like screenplay adaptations, I'd say find other screenplay adaptations. I'd also recommend books that take place during the revolutionary war.

Challenges: 100+ Challenge, 999 Challenge, A - Z Challenge, Fall into Reading Challenge


  1. I had no idea this was a book - I think I'll be staying away from it.

  2. I also had no idea that this book was out there. I did like the movie, but I don't think I would be too anxious to read the book. I'm glad that you found it though!

  3. You know this is another one of those that I did not know was a book. I watched the movie and liked it (I totally cried throughout the whole thing!). Too bad the book is not as good. You are right- that is super rare.

  4. I love the movie. Mainly because of Jason Isaacs. I am not a fan of Mel Gibson though, but the rest of the cast makes the movie just soo good, I watch it over and over.

    Actually, I've seen the movie so many times (I own the extended version) I have found a major flaw. The same redheaded extra solider they have is killed, three times. Luckily this does not happen in the book version. Just a little tidbit I'd thought I'd add :)