Thursday, September 17

BBAW Day Four Meme: Thanks for Introducing Me to This Book!

Today's meme/post for BBAW is to talk about a book we found through another person's book blog, that because of the recommendation, we had to pick it up and read it, and loved it even more.

Although I can't remember which blog or who introduced me to what book. There are a few books that I've found during my time in the book blogging world, that I had to pick up and read. One of them being

The Diplomat's Wife by Pam Jenoff. I saw countless reviews for this book, and finally I nabbed it up from the library. (Not only was it a book that looked really good, but it would solve the "J Author" in the A - Z Challenge gap.) I couldn't put the book down, and have since bought the prequel to the book.You can see My Review Here.

I've also decided to pick up the Hunger Games although I haven't read the book yet, it looks promising.


  1. I hope you love the Hunger Games!

  2. I've heard good things about The Diplomat's Wife, and I think I may have put it on my wish list some time ago. I am glad you enjoyed it and look forward to it. I also really look forward to reading The Hunger Games very soon, and will be really interested to hear what you think of it. I have a feeling you will love it, as does almost everyone else I have come across.

  3. I haven't read that, but it sounds good.

  4. THE HUNGER GAMES is definitely on my wishlist because of book bloggers! They've made it sound utterly amazing.

  5. Diplomat's Book is a GREAT book, but I do recommend you read the Kommandent's Girl (sp?) first. It's the prequel to it, and although both could be stand alone novels (focus is on different main characters, but has cross overs), you find out what happens to the main characters from the Kommandment's girl, so it takes the suspense you might have had when reading this book away.

    I just finished Hunger Games Yesterday (took about 5 hours maybe less) and WOW, WOW, WOW! My review will be up soon, but I can give a hint, haven't read a book in this big of a feverish frenzy since Deathly Hallows came out. Clear your day when you read the book, you won't be able to put it down.