Monday, August 31

Book Review: The Hobbit

Title: The Hobbit

Author: J.R.R Tolkien

Pages: 280

Summary: Smaug certainly looked fast asleep, when Bilbo peeped once more from the entrance. He was just about to step out on to the floor when he caught a sudden thin and piercing ray of red from under the drooping lid of Smaug’s left eye. He was only pretending to be asleep! He was watching the tunnel entrance. . . .

Whisked away from his comfortable hobbit-hole by Gandalf the Wizard and a band of dwarves, Bilbo Baggins finds himself caught up in a plot to raid the treasurer hoard of Smaug the Magnificent, a large and very dangerous dragon…

My Rating: 10/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: How can you not love the story of the Hobbit? It will always be one of my all time favourite stories, one that I will re-read over and over again, and one day hope to read with my own kids and share the magic of Middle Earth. I do have to say, this book has a very different approach to Middle Earth then other books that take place in Middle Earth. I think this is partly due to the fact the Hobbit was written as a children’s story, so the language and narrative is aimed more to their level. But don’t let that put you off, if you haven’t read the book yet, because it’s such a fun tale, about how a little Hobbit, went on an amazing adventure and ended up helping out more than anyone ever imagined.

First of all, Tolkien’s descriptions of Middle Earth, the dwarves, the elves, the forests, caves and mountains, and well, everything, are fantastic. There are very few fantasy novels I’ve read since I first fell into the words of Tolkien that added up or have come anywhere near the level of Tolkien’s writing. The Hobbit of course is no exception to Tolkien’s brilliance, even if it’s more of a children’s book. Not only does he paint amazing pictures, tells engaging tales about trolls, goblins, evil spiders, and dragons, but the narrative was also done very well. It reminds me a bit of Alexander Dumas, where the narrator addresses the reader directly, almost as if the narrator themselves was sitting beside you telling you the story, giving you a bit of foreshowing and reminders of what happened in previous chapter, but done so in away, that it doesn’t annoy the reader but give a bit of … fun I guess the world would be in the story. Which is why I think it would be a great book for young readers ages 9 - 13 who aren’t into reading, because the Hobbit is fun and engaging in how it is told, and it is part of a story most kids have some familiarity with because a lot have either seen or at least heard of “The Lord of the Rings”.

Wonderful story, full of enchanting tales of action and adventure, beautiful, engaging and elegant style of narration, and some of the best cast of characters you’ll ever meet. For me, as a child, I always felt bad for Gollum, and how he lost his “birthday present” and knowing his back story now, and what happens to him in future stories, I always have a pang, in my heart for the poor guy, no matter how slimily (metaphorically and physically) he is, which shows yet another example of Tolkien’s brilliance and creating such fantastic characters, with very interesting and complex back stories, that’s sure to have readers dig for more.

Would I recommend it to read: Absolutely, Absolutely, Absolutely! This is a classic, a childhood classic! And if you haven’t read the book yet, do. The first time I experienced The Hobbit I was 9 or 10 years old, and my mom read it to me and my sister during the summer evenings. I’ve read it on my own a handful of times, and it never gets old. It’s such a wonderful story that makes you wish you can meet Hobbits and fall into the world of Middle Earth.

What to read next: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings and anything else by Tolkien or anything on Middle Earth.

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  1. I have never read anything by Tolkien. My husband loves these books, though, and he read this one to Morrigan when he was an infant (Morrigan was the infant, not my husband, sorry, bad english there). It used to put MOrrigan to sleep every night.

  2. I read this for the first time as an adult, and I can't say i loved it. It was just an adventure story and I am not crazy about adventure. It had no depth. I think if I'd read it as a kid like you did I may have enjoyed it much more.

    I did read Silmarillion with my husband over the course of six months and I loved it! Now I do want to read the trilogy.

  3. The Hobbit has always been my favorite Tolkien book. I love the cover you've posted here- it's so elegant looking.

  4. Ever since I read The Lord of the Rings (about 8 years ago) I've been meaning to read other book by Tolkien, but so far I haven't got to it. Sounds likes I should really give this one a shot.

  5. I have never read anything by Tolkien, but I my kids and husband have the whole collection and love them. I do kind of feel that there is a huge hole in my reading history having not read them, so I am going to take your advice and put The Hobbit on my reading list. I will let you know what I think of it when I am finished. Great review, your love of the book really shows!

  6. Amanda and Zibilee - Never read anything by Tolkien? Really? Go try the Hobbit then, it's such a fun little story! Or, there's also Unfinished Tales and Tales of a Perilous Realm, that are Middle Earth Related

    Rebecca - I tried reading the Simirillion but because it's been so long since I've read the Trilogy, parts became confusing. Which is why I'm going back to re-read the triology. Also re-reading it because I can no longer distinguish between what happened in the novel and movie, and I want the novel version fresh in my mind (I LOVE the movies!)

    Jeane - All my Tolkien books are in the black covers, and it took me FOREVER to find this version of the Hobbit, all my friends and bookstore people though I had imagined it, then found it in a used bookstore. I shared my happiness with the owner, who told me it was just one that was hard to find.

    Arielle - The Hobbit is a sort of, parallel novel to LOTR and a part in there tells of how the ring finds Bilbo.

    On an unrelated note - I'm a nerd when it comes to this, and want the swords that they sell which are replicas from the movie, and would love to learn to speak Elvish! :)

  7. Im a big Lord of the Rings fan and I absolutly loved The Hobbit :) I re-read this book over the summer for a reading project in my advanced english class. I also loved your review. I used your review for my book report but I cited it :) Thanks for the help :P

  8. bmistal - I'm also a big LOTR Fan I even want to learn to speak evlish and get some replica swords/props. Glad my review helped with your report, and good luck with it.