Monday, July 13

More Books and the search for bookends!

I admit, I have a HUGE problem. I'm a bookaholic. I'm a book-buying-aholic. I'm a book-buying-book-reading-aholic! But really, most of the time the books jump into my hands on there own. Or follow me home. They force me. FORCE me to buy them. I mean, they need good homes, and who can resit a sale of 4 for 10$ When normally, in the sale bin they're 5$ and if they weren't on sale theyd be 13-21$? I SAVED money! And added to my collection, and the used books, well they just need a new home, where they would be apprechaited! Right? Sigh! I'm trying to justfy it to myself..... still working on it.

On Thursday I needed to escape the house. I was going to just go and read a book at starbucks, but I ended up head downtown to the used bookstores. I also wanted to go to the library down there, so I looked around there and found nothing. Although I did take a look at Peter Boxwells 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. And I want! What a book! I then went to check out the library's bookstore and ended up buying

Angel Chronicles vol. 3. I have the other two, and never read this one (although being a BIG Buffy fan have seen the TV versions of it). But it was a buck, and money went to the library, so I bought it. Then I went looking around the used bookstore across the street.

So at that bookstore there was a lot of books I wanted. A few have been there awhile that I have my eyes on, but Im trying to see if they go down in price. They're half the cover price, but theres some cracked spines, bent covers etc. And I don't mind buying books like that from the used book stores, as long as the price matches the condition of the book. The one book in particular doesn't match the condition. So I'll wait. It's Soul Mountain I've read it before, but would read it again, so wouldn't mind having it (it would also fill in the missing "X" author on my shelf). Instead I focused on the Canadian Author section, in particular Alice Munro. At that particular bookstore I didn't by any Alice Munro, although they had a lot of her books, I did get this one great find, and the girl in the bookstore even commented on my "good taste". The book I got there was;

No Great Mischief by Alister McLeod

The I went to the other bookshop (in all fairness, I do have to walk right buy the front door to get to my bus stop. So it wasn't like I went out of my way or anything...... Okay, so there I ended up buying:

Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You by Alice Munro
Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes ( I think I just need Under the Duvet and Lucy Sullivan is getting Married and I'll have all her novels and short story collections shes soloed authored.)
The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins (Because a lot you have reconmmend the book to me, and I loved the Moonstone).

The on Saturday, my Dad wanted to go to the bookstores to find Non-Fiction War Time books, and took me with him! And he bought me 3 books at the books stores we visted. Including one, thats close to me. It's actually a good will drop-off centre. But the also have a job connect and a used bookstore. With AWESOME Prices. The one book I got from there hasn't even been read its still new, stiff and hints of new book smell lingure. The book is:
Girl with a Pearl Earing by Tracey Chevalier 3.99! (The Canadian Price Brand new was 19) I also got Anna Karenia by Leo Tolstoy which was well read and used, but still worth it.
And finally I brought home Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (although I was contemplating buying David Copperfield instead)

Okay so this morning (Monday) I got up really early, AT 7:30 well the dogs woke me up. I had to be up at 8:30 because needed to get ready, drink coffee and catch up on blogs before my coffee date with one of my friends. It was the pre-coffee, cofee. Then walked to the coffee shop, which takes about 35 minutes, but at 10 am it was kind of peaceful and nice out. Wasn't to hot, although power walking made it a little warm.

Then I had my coffee with my friend and gabbed. And of course, this Starbucks is the one that is attached to the Chapters. Where all the onsale or best seller books are stacked on tables and shelves, facing the coffee shop. See the people who work in the store/coffee shop claim its to attract those impulse buyers. But no. The attract those bookworms, like me who go for coffee with friends, or who go bring one of their own books to the coffee shop on a raining day, to curl up and read, and opps, the word sale catches your eye. Or that elusive ARC you've seen all your blogger friends blog about pops out of the shelves, screaming at you to buy it!

As you could have guessed, the books called me to them, and I bought them. Today it was 5..... but I only spent 11:55. Because 4 were on the 4 for ten dollars. And 1 was onsale for 2 (atleast thats what the sticker said) but when I got my reciet, it only cost be 1$ Sweet! I was pleased. Unfortonatly one of the books I almost got when I was there on Friday was no where in sight, and I sort of for get the book. Had the word "Write" in it. I think. Today's purchases were:

A High and Hidden Place: A Novel by Michele Lucas
Quality of Care by Elizabeth Letts Change Baby by June Spence The Sound of Blue: A Novel by Holly Payne
Fifth Life of a Catwoman by Kathleen Dexter (the 1$ book which I bought soley on the title. It amused me)

So in five days, 13 books have joined my collection, bring my TBR Pile up to a grand total of 145.

Also today I went on a Bookends hunt. Because I have so many books and I dont like having books doublestacked. Becauses it makes it hard to put new books into the collection, books are all different sizees, and I worry a shelf might collapsed or sag under the weight. So I decided that the top of both of my big bookshelves have a lot of space collecting dust (although some stuff bears sat up there too), so why not use that empty space for books, and just get bookends to keep the books from falling. What I didn't realize is how hard it would be to find bookends.

I looked in Chapters, thinking its a bookstore, so bookends would be in it. I didn't have much, only finding these big metal ones, that were kind of near, because one side of the bookend said "Book" and the other "ends". But it was 40$ and I wasn't paying more for bookends then it would be for a new bookshelf. The point was to save money and space. So I went to the Home Decor store next to Chapters. No luck. Went across the street to the mall, looked in 7 or eight stores, either stores that have everythign like Zellars or the Bay, or some home decor stores like Bombay and Green Earth. I tried gift shops. Nothing.

Then I went to the plaza just beside the mall, and it had a store Jysk. that sells desks, some furniture and home accents etc. They had some tiny, little bookends for childrens desk, but they wouldn't do for me, they're made more fore a few childrnes books. So I made one last attempt. The store beside that was "Solutions: The Organized Living Store". And I just decided to try and see. I searched the store and found my bookends. They're nothing fancy, they're those large black semi loop/ovalish shaped ones (they look like an upsidedown "U" with feet stick out in one direction) But thats all I really needed.

Yes some decorative ones, or ones that had something intersting on them would have been cute (I like those A - Z ones, or the ones that look like an old ancient, dust covered book). But for now, I just need somethign to hold my books up. 1.5 hours of searching later, and I found it. WHEW! So now all my books fit on the shelves, all are single stacked and organized nicely. And I now have extra space to add more books with out futher encrouching on the space for my DVDS which are allstacked and wedged together on 1 and a quarter of a shelf, because the books are taking over. With only one room at my disposal since Im living with my parents while I get myself a full time jobs, there isn't much free space for me. So this works great. And they were only 8 bucks, well just under, so that worked out well. Heres what my shelves look like now, although on the one shelf, I cut on of the rows off by mistake in the pictures. (Shelf 1 part 2 is missing part of the one row, Im not the best photographer, hmm maybe theres books on that? ;) ) 1st Picture is shelf 1 p. 1. 2ns picture is shelf 1p2.
3rd and 4th picture are shelf 2 parts 1 and 2 and the final picuture is the third shelf.


  1. UGH! Don't I know it. This year I've been working on getting my spending issues under control. I think I am going to bribe myself with a Kindle 2. (lol)

  2. I tell myself I could have worse addictions than books. LOL Enjoy your new acquisitions!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  3. I always feel that way- the poor books need a home! especially at discard sales. I worry what will happen to them if I don't buy them- shredded? recycled? I've been thinking of getting bookends for the top of my shelves, too, but haven't been able to find any- you've given me a better idea of where to look, thanks!

  4. Actually, I've found that when people ask what I want for Christmas or birthday or whatever, I tell them bookends!! They have come up with some gorgeous ones, and it makes them feel like they're not quite feeding your habit, but it sure makes a great gift to get.

    Also watch the yard sales and flea markets, people see WONDERFUL bookends for next to nothing.

  5. Ok Jules, you're doing so well finding homes for all those wayward volumes, that

    You've just been awarded the Bookworms's Award for Book Friends. Gloating is permitted.

  6. You are not alone! I have so many darn books that I have to keep most of them in storage now that I live in a small one-bedroom apartment rather than a large house with a huge finished garage with lots of room for bookshelves. I think though that I'm going to go out soon and buy another bookshelf or two and bring some of my books home. :)

    BTW, I read "Fifth Life of the Catwoman" a few years ago and remember that I really enjoyed it! Hope you enjoy it too!

  7. Heh. You sound just like me. Books just meander their way into my house as well, and it's a pretty crappy week if no new books have found their way into my collection. I also wanted to tell you that bookends can be very expensive. When I went looking, I found some at Barnes and Noble that started at roughly 40 or 50 dollars! I was surprised by how expensive they were.