Monday, July 6

Book buying Adventures and an Update.

Again, I want to say that I'm back after being away from blogging and twitter for a while. The summer is turning out to be a raining, wet one, and because of the constant weather changes, makes me have bad headaches, making reading and blogging not so pleasant thing to do. I've been feeling better the past few days, here's hopes it lasts! On the plus side, my yearly total of books read so far is now at 50! I'm half way to 100 (although personal goal is to read 125). It seems better at reaching that 100 mark on this side of the 50, than the other! Go me!

Also the past week or so, I've been visiting bookstores. And I have found my replacement for my old used book store in TO. There was one that had books in slightly better condition, but I'm choosing this one based on better selection (especially the classics) and the customer service you get when you go there. They're friendly workers, who greet you when you come in, and take an interest in what you are reading. Asking if you'd like more books by the author or are similar. From what I've seen when they interact with other customers, the employees also really know books. Also when you buy the book, it comes with a thought of the day, so far mostly about books. So kudos to them! I love you bookstore!! From the used bookstore adventure I got:

The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason
The Last Crossing by Guy Vanderhaeghe (I only need an X and a Z author and I will have a book OWNED for all the letters of the alphabet (although I have read books by both of theses letters starting in an authors name this year)
Macbeth by William Shakespeare (I'm picky and want a certain addition for my shakespear books, the used bookstore has them for about 1/4 of the price)
Good Bones by Margaret Atwood
Irish Girls About Town - By Maeve Binchy and other Irish Authors.

Today at Coles (part of Indigo/Chapters) I saw they had a 4/10 dollar sale. There was only one table full of books, and wasn't much selection (I should have ran to the chapters across the street, but 5 books caught my attetion, I picked up four to take home. Or er... they actually followed me home, and the last two (books 4 and 5) fought an epic battle to be the 4th book to come home.... really!)

Anyways those books were:

Secrets of a Fire King - Kim Edwards (collection of Short Stories)
The Queen in Winter - Lyn Kurland and other authors (colletion of short stories)
Miranda's Vines - Kimberly Kafka
Tanglewreck -Jeanette Winterson

And finally, I found some old YA books on my parents bookshelves that belong to me, so I decided to add them into my collection. Im positive no one will miss them.

Titanic: The Long Night
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Harvest
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Angel Chronicles P. 1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Angel Chronicles P. 2
Pale Phoenix
Nellie's Victory
Angel: Redemption (I actually got this year as a gift from someone).

So now I have some books to reread. Titanic: The Long Night was a favourite of mine, and looks that way since its a little, er loved.... thats the right word. Also, could you tell I was a buffy fan? (Still am, in show only)

Also, I'm entering into another challenge, the 3rd Canadian Challenge! Go books! And I'm still debating over another challenge. I really need someone to stop me.....


  1. LOL I'm so bad at joining challenges. Unfortunately, I feel a compulsion to finish them all, and stress myself out about them. Which challenge are you debating over?

    I think everyone in the world is getting too much rain this summer, except for us in South TX, where the drought has been going on for almost 2 years. I ws so excited tonight when a brief shower passed us.

  2. I read The Piano Tuner for book club and really enjoyed it -- I hope you do too!

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you were feeling unwell. I am glad the worst of it seems to be behind you though. And I also think it's awesome that you have found a new bookstore, that is something I would love to do because around here, my choices are pretty limited. I look forward to reading some of the upcoming reviews that you have planned!

  4. Amanda I'll be more than happy to send you some of my rain!

    Zibiliee - the only bad thing about the bookstore is its taking all my money! Which is good because it gets me books, bad because well I need to save money, and cant do it if I keep buying books.

    Jess - It looks like a good read, and its in my ever growing TBR pile. (which consists of 140 books atm.)