Friday, June 5

Unoffically Beginning 48 Hour Challenge

Just posting my start time (12 pm) for the 48 hour challenge. Unfortonatly I won't be able to participate for the whole challenge. But I'm unofficially going to participate for as much of it as I can, and use this as an excuse to read books all day.

My goals are to finish the second and third book in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. And get another 100 - 150 pages into "The Moonstone." By 1:30 - 2:00 am ish Todday (although technically it would be Saturday).

I also plan on reading chapter summeries for the Lords of Chaos so I can get back to reading the Crown of Swords for the Wheel of Time Series. Which is what I'll be reaing tomorrow, especially on the trian.

I'll update.... soon.


  1. Good luck - I'm joining in in a little while and can't wait to start reading and blogging.

  2. Reading books all day is what's all about. Have fun!

  3. I came by to cheer on your reading! Good luck and I hope you like your books!:)

  4. Good luck and happy reading!

  5. Hope you have indeed been able to grab time here and there to read. I have had a great ride through books over the last three days and met lots of new people through the blogs! Continued Happy Reading!