Sunday, June 14

TSS - Go, Go Reading and Book Filled Weekend!

Well this weekend, and past week has been a fairly good week for me in reading and reading/book related adventures etc.

Saturday I went to the library to return a book and see if they had any I grabbed that are on my TBR list. I went to the small little neighbourhood library. So they didn't have a single book I wanted. Nor did they have the book that the online catalogue said was there! Grr! But, I did grab "Breaking Dawn" from their Quick Picks section.

Quick Picks is a selection of the "best seller" books that they have for a first come, first serve. No holds or renewals can be placed on theses books (they usually have one or two copies). This is to help move hold lists quicker, and is great if your at the bottom and manage to be at the Library at the right time. My old library system called them Best Bets. I'm sure other libraries have a similar idea. It is handy, I give it that. I was 52 on the hold lists of 15 copies. So it was taking a LONG time. And since I'm not a huge fan of the Twilight books, I'm glad I grabbed it.

I also completed TWO (2) Challenges Today! WHOOHOO! Although in the past few days I have signed up for FOUR (4) challenges and will more than likely be signing up for a 5th. I still completed 2! And will have a third finish by the end of the month. Maybe a 4th. But that one is stretching it. Seeing how 3 of 5 books are over 800 pages long, that I still have to read!
The Challenges are (click the links to see the completed lists)

The Classics Challenge Reading 6/6 Books

The New Author Challenge Reading 25/25 Books

I also created my own challenge. This is my first attempt at hosting a challenge. This challenge is a re-read challenge. Where you re-read all your favourite books. It's called the "Summer Lovin' Challenge". You are also more than welcome to read books that you haven't read to. The main point is to read some great books you love and pass it on to others.

Here's a link to the challenge! The Summer Lovin' Challenge


  1. Interesting library policy. I suppose if I used the library I might find something similar. ;-)

  2. Congrats on finishing those challenges!

  3. Kristen - Most libraries should have some sort of program or section of "best seller" books, that they have a few extra copies of. These aren't shelved with the normal section, depending on the library they are shelved either in or near a teen area or near the circulation or main fiction areas. It's a good thing to have, because if your a casual browser of the library, and dont like waiting on the wait/hold lists, you can get the book quicker.

    Amanda - Thanks! It feels good to be done, even if I joined twice as many as I finished! Opps!