Saturday, June 20

Spring Reading Thing Wrap-Up

Sigh! My first uncompleted challenge of the year! I had a fun time participating in it, but I wish I could have finished. Out of 14 books I chose to read, I only finished 10. Well I'm halfway through number 11, so 10.5 books out of 14.

Finished Books
1) Thirteen Moons - Charles Frazier
2) Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood - Rebecca Wells

3) Twilight - Stephanie Mayer
4) The Amber Spyglass - Phillip Pullman
5) All’s Quite on the Western Front - Erich Maria Remaque
6) The Diplomat’s Wife - Pam Jenoff
7) Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
8) Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
9) Agnes Grey - Anne Bronte
10) The Moonstone - Willkie Collins

Currently Reading
11) A Crown of Swords: Book Seven of the Wheel of Time

12) Middlemarch - George Elliot
13) The Wheel of Time the Path of Daggers.
14) One Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Did you finish reading all the books on your spring reading list? If not, why not?

No I didn't finish all the books. Why? Good question. I think its because I got caught up in other challenges (most of which don't end until the end of the year) or reading books from the library, that I forgot a lot of the books on this lists where well over 650 pages and some over 800 pages. I kept putting it off, then at the beginning of the week realized I had a lot of pages to read, and little time to do them. Poor time management for this challenge.

What was your favorite book you read this spring? Why?

Tough one. It's between The Diplomat's Wife by Pam Jenoff, Thirteen Moons by Charles Frasier and The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. All three were wonderfully written, they pulled me in from page one. Interesting plot lines, and some different plot lines, and genres then my normal comfort zones.

Did you discover a new author or genre this spring? Did you love them? Not love them?

Most of my list was new authors, or more authors that were new to me or I haven't read anything by. With the exception of Robert Jordan (which I never got the chance to read/finish for the challenge and Phillip Pullman, all are ones I haven't read before. And most of them were enjoyable and are ones I will go out and find more books by.

What was your favourite thing about the challenge?

Hmm, I'm not sure. It helped me finish up some other challenges, and I was able to expose my self to some new reads, and new authors. And it is a challenge, that I will repeat next year (and finish) if its still offered. Incomplete Challenges


  1. This is one I didn't participate in. When it started, I had too many challenges going. I doubt I'll do the summer one, either, but maybe if I've finished enough challenges by fall, I'll do the fall version.

  2. I can't help my self, I see a challenge and I like and then I sign up for it.

  3. You still did really well. Last year, I only read one book off my list. Have you read The Kommandant's Girl? I liked it a lot more than The Diplomat's Wife, especially since it's kind of a prequel for DW.

  4. Hey, you did well. I signed up for just one challenge, and I just don't feel like reading through my list. I seem to rebel against lists: I never finish anything on the list, but I finish a lot of other books.