Tuesday, June 2

May Wrap-Up

May was not a good month for me between the move, getting sick, and lack of some quite time to pick up a book and read. I only manage to read 5 books this month! DOH! My goal was 10 - 12. So I'm behind my reading then what I would have preferred. May did have a few ups for me. I got my first copy of an ARC Book mailed to me. It was wonderful to have a free book waiting for you in the mail. Also managed to find a few great used bookstores, to replace the ones I lost moving away from Toronto. So that all worked out, I bought a lot of new books this month too. Clearly I needed more. :D

Okay so here are the books I read this past May

1) David Golder - Irène Némirovsky - 8.5/10
2) The Amber Spyglass - Phillip Pullman - 4.5/10
3) Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte - 8.5/10
4) The Wars - Timothy Findley - 8.5/10
5) The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead - 8.5/10

My Favourite Book of the Month was The Wars my least favourite, The Amberspyglass. Infact I think so far it's been my least favourite of the year. (I'd read Twilight again, before the Amberspy Glass) it was such a let down after such a great start in the previous books. Can't win them all.

Also this month I won two awards! Again thank you to Tutu and DeSeRt RoSe for awarding me them. Thanks!

I'm also participating in a Harry Potter Re-Read and Triva Challenge. I don't care much for the prizes (although I would be happy to win them) I'm just useing it as an excsue to read the books (again) and talk about them. Clearly I need an excuse to read them again, right?

I also met a lot of new bloggers through Twitter and found some great new blogs. And grew very jelous of those at BEA. If I could transport your free books from your place to mind with only my mind... I probably would. I mean..... nice to meet you all!

My Progress in challenges, nothing much has happened, as I only read 5 books this month. I was hoping to be around 45 - 50 books read by now. Guess I'll have to read extra books this month! (Oh what a shame.... :))

Challenge Progress (I joined 2 more today. Total Challenge Count 25. Opps!)

1 (Another) 1% Well Read (My list)
My Progress- 6/13

1st in a Series (My List)
My Progress 2/12

18th and 19th Century Women Writers (My List)
My Progress - 0/8

100+ Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 39/100

2nd Canadian (My List)
My Progress 5/13 (Something tells me I might not finish this. It's partly an 2008 Challenge, so I'm thinking about stopping and saving my Canadian authors for this years, if there is one)

999 Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 21/81

A - Z Challenge (My List)
My Progress 31/52

The Classics Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 3/6

Chunckster Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 0/3

Decades Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 4/9

Deweys Reading Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 2/6

New Authors Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 23/25 (So close. Although, I believe in April I though I was closer than I was. This month for sure. 100% sure. I will finisih it.)

Numbers Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 0/5 (it ends very soon. I need to get a move on it!)

RYOB Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 12/25

Spring Read Thing (My List)
My Progress - 8/14 ( Ends very soon as well! Well June 21.... 19 days. AHHH!)

TBR Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 2/12

Themed Reading Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 0/4 (This I'm debating dropping out. I believe it ends July 31. And I know I could read Book 7,8,9 and 10 of the Wheel of Time, I also don't want to rush my self through them. My goal is to have the final 5 books of the series read by the time the first installment of Book 12 is out (Nov. 2009). So we'll see how things go. Most likley books 7 and 8 will be read by then. 9 and 10 are maybes.)

Victorian Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 2/5 (Ends June 30. But I know the books will be read by then)

WWII Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 1/5

What's in a Name Challenge (My List)
My Progress - 0/6

New Challenges I joined this month - Zero (but today I signed up for 2 and debating a third. I need help).

Also, I'm debating creating my own challenge for the summer. Where you can re-read your favourite reads. The Summer Lovin' Reading Challenge. Let me know if your interested.


  1. Hey, where's the HP reread and trivia thing? I'm rereading right now and would love to participate, too. Any excuse to indulge my Potter obsession!

  2. The Blog is called Great Books and Fresh Coffee.