Monday, June 15

It's Monday! What are you reading this week?

It's Monday, what are you reading this week?

Last Week
I read and Reviewed four books.

This Week
On the 2oth I have a challenge that is finishing up (Spring Reading Thing) So I REALLY! Need to finish those books. I also have a book due back to the library that can't be renewed. It's a total of 3299 pages I need to read by Saturday! OUCH

The Books are (which are also the ones I plan to read this week)

  1. Wuthering Heights
  2. Wheel of Time: The Crown of Swords (Book 7 of the Series)
  3. Wheel of Time: The Path of Daggers (Book 8 of the Series)
  4. Middlemarch
  5. One Thousand Splendid Suns
  6. Breaking Dawn
Now, I MIGHT be able to read all 3299 pages by Saturday at 11:59 pm. I don't need sleep right?
But in reality I probably will only finish Wuthering Heights, Crown of Swords, One Thousand Splendidded Suns and Breaking Dawn. (Breaking Dawn, 100% must be done by then). Middlemarch and Path of Daggers might not be done by then, and I won't rush through them to finish them. I rather enjoy my books the finish the challenge. Middlemarch will be finished my June 30th. We shall see, maybe I'll get all them accomplished by the end of the week. If I do, I should give my self a prize! (More books?)

And it isn't the amount of books I need to read, its more that most are pretty thick. 4/6 are over 500 pages. 3 are over 700. (Although I've started both Breaking Dawn and Crown of Swords, and hope to finish Wuthering Heights tonight) still makes a lot of pages.

What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What are you reading this week?
is a weekly event (hosted by J. Kaye) to list the books completed last week, the books currently being reading, and the books to be finish this week. Feel free to join in this weekly event if you'd like as well as use the photo/pic/button above.


  1. I tried to read Breaking Dawn when it came out. I was too emotionally attached. That is one book I want to go back and read.

  2. That's a lot of pages!! Good luck!

  3. I loved The Moonstone and I'm hoping to read The Woman in White this year or next.

    Have a great week!

  4. If you get those books finished, I'll be impressed. Happy reading! :)

  5. Wow -- that is a lot of pages to complete. Good luck and have a great week of reading.

  6. Those are some pretty hefty books. How are you liking the Wheel of Time series? I got about halfway through before I found it just too tedious (so many characters!)

  7. I love the Wheel of Time Series. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the characters if you take to long of breaks between books, but its one of my favourite series.

    So far,I'm not reading much. I finished Wuthering Heights, should have breaking dawn done by tonight. I should have 4/6 books by sat,