Sunday, May 24

TSS: Booking Adventures

I've been meaning to share my latest Used Book Store Adventures with everyone, but I keep forgetting or putting it off to "later" later being about a week now. Opps! Now that I'm no longer in the big city (although the city I'm in now is not small, it just doesn't have as many indie/used bookstores) I don't have my favourite used/indie book store anymore, so I had to hunt for a new one. And I found three, within about 1.5 blocks of eachother, one of which is directly across from the main and largest branch of my local library. Sweet!

First I went to renew and get my library card there. where I had to pay a large fee. Now the sad thing is, not that the fees were 48$ (although it really hurt to pay it), it was the fact the books were from 7 years or more. (I was still in highschool and it was one of my history classes.....) That's 2003 (although I wonder if some were from the 2001 - 2002 history classes.....? Hmmm) Either way, I still had to pay them.... so I did, then went to the used book store across the street to see what they had to offer.

And, I have to say, I was impressed, they don't have as good as prices as my beloved one in TO, but they are still very reasonbly priced (the differences are only about 1 - 3.50 in differences, or the qualilty of books versus the price differ, but still great deals). The place also offers ancient used books (although I was just happy browsing the fiction section. They had a great selection of Canadian Authors and Local authors. Although their Fantasy and Sci-Fi selection was Seriously lacking. I think both book stores (my beloved BMV and this one Attic Books) was larger. I think about the same size. Attic books store my actually be larger, but the way the had it layed out, and the fact the books are less jammed in their, I think BMV actually has a larger selection. (For fictional at least, this one seemed to have the larger non-fiction, rare and anticent books you just drool over, but don't have the money to buy em. You know the ones, 100's of years old, dust caked into the pages,the old leather bound brownish covers.....SIGH!

Anyways, I ended up buy 4 books for just over 18$. Not bad, not bad!
Here's my books

The Robber Bride - Margaret Atwood

The Memory Man - Lisa Appignanesi

The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins

The Kommandent's Girl - Pam Jenoff

I also bought "The Wars" by Timothy Findley at Chapters. It was a fantastic review. I'll post the review shortly.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Ooh, sucks about the fine. :(

    But yay for Wilkie Collins!!! I haven't yet read the Moonstone, but I loved Woman in White!

  2. I loved The Kommandent's Girl, but didn't enjoy Jenoff's second book, The Diplomat's Wife, as much.

    Those fines sound awful, which reminds me that I need to pay mine.

  3. Welcome! It feels good to do the right thing...despite the expense. Again, welcome!

  4. You got some great books. I just loved both The Moonstone and The Robber Bride - enjoy!

  5. The fines aren't as bad when there was a bout 12 books (or more?) that had fines.... but still it hurt (think how many books I could have bought from the used bookstore with that?)

    I've read the Diplomat's Wife and loved it, so I'm hopping the Kommandent's Girl is a good as I've heard.

  6. I read The Kommandent's Girl for book club, it was enjoyable.

  7. You have something waiting for you at my blog :)

  8. I have always wanted to read The Moonstone, but someone ruined the ending for me, and now I am not so keen on getting to it. I will be interested in seeing your review. Hopefully it will make me change my mind!