Thursday, May 7

Look what arrived.....

So a few days ago, through a news letter at Simon and Schuster I get, I see a chance to get an ARC of the book Daughter of Kura: A Novel so of course I tried my luck.

Today I come down to see the mail, grumbling about something my professor was suppose to mail to me (I wrote my address on an envelope for her at my last exam on April 24th). Still no mail....but somethign even better!

My very first ARC mailed book, a copy of Daughter of Kura: A Novel by Debra Austen! Oh I'm very excited! Makes your day to get a free book in the mail! Will read and review it as soon as I can!

Here's the cover.

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  1. How exciting! Finding an unexpected book in the mail is always a wonderful surprise. The book sounds like it will be a good one. I hope you enjoy it!