Monday, April 27

Book Review: Island of Dr. Moreau

Title: The Island of Dr. Moreau

Author: H.G. Wells

Pages: 185

Summary: Written in 1896, The Island of Dr. Moreau is one of the earliest scientific romances. An instant sensation, it was meant as a commentary on Darwin’s theory of evolution, which H. G. Wells stoutly believed. The story centers on the depraved Dr. Moreau, who conducts unspeakable animal experiments on a remote tropical island, with hideous, humanlike results. Edward Prendick, an English-man whose misfortunes bring him to the island, is witness to the Beast Folk’s strange civilization and their eventual terrifying regression. While gene-splicing and bioengineering are common practices today, readers are still astounded at Wells’s haunting vision and the ethical questions he raised a century before our time.

My Rating: 7/10

What I liked/disliked about the book:Overall a good book, Wells’ ability to create a haunting and suspenseful plot doesn’t fail him here. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I’m glad I read the book in the day, because the suspense up to it, was creepy. This isn’t a book to read at night, especially if you aren’t familiar with how the story goes. But, I found that it fell a little short with what I expected, I thought it would be a lot scarier and a little less boring periods or more drawn out in how in-depth they go to show what exactly went on with the experiments. Perhaps Wells intentions were to let our imaginations fill this in for us. It’s not a bad book, but I was expecting something different, the story is mysterious and I enjoyed the characters for the most part, but there was just something extra missing, that would have made this an excellent book, but I don’t know what exactly that is, maybe it’s because the element of surprise isn’t there, so I know what will eventually come, hmm.

It has made me want to watch the 1996 movie again, although memory serves me it was less scary and more humours, I’m a fan of David Thewlis, so I may just give it another shot. Good book overall.

Would I recommend it to read: Yeah, I would still recommend the book to read, although if you scare easy, read it in the day. It’s a great story, especially from the late 1890’s. Wells’ had a great mind for horror and sci-fi stories, it’s great to see where, it basically all began.

What to read next: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, The Time Machine.

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  1. I've never read any of Wells's books--mostly because I know the stories from so many movies and TV shows. It would be interesting to read the originals!

  2. I read this book in college, and I totally forgot about it until your review! What amazes me about H. G. Wells is how "ahead of his time" he was in his stories! It's amazing what he thought up way way back over 100 years ago!

  3. I haven't read anything by Wells, but I had an inkling that when I read one of his books, it would be this one. I really liked your review, it brought this book back to mind. I will be searching out my own copy, thanks!

  4. It' really is very neat, how he was able to think this up, all those years ago. His stories are also something that I see retold in TV and Movies a lot, And until recently, I had no idea he wrote War of the Worlds.