Sunday, March 1

February Wrap Up!

Well, another month has passed where I read some good books, some great books, and some not so good, and although I didn’t reach my reading goal again this month, (I blame the only 28 days, and the busy week at school 3 assignments, in five days!). But, I did get some headway into my challenges, so it worked out well methinks. (Although I am about to start another challenge….I know! I know!)

Books Read

1 - The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway
2 - Marley and Me: Life and Love With the Worlds Worst Dog - John Grogan
3 - The Time Machine - H.G. Wells
4 - Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
5 - Children of Men - P.D. James
6 - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Challenges Worked on This Month

1st in a Series

- 1/12 books read. - 1 book read this month

100+ Challenge
- 12/100 books read
- 6 books read this month

2nd Canadian Challenge
- 3/13 books read
- 1 book read this month

999 Challenge
- 8/81 books read
- 4 books read this month

2009 Support Your Library Challenge
- 5/25 books read
- 4 books read this month

A - Z Challenge
- 9/52 books read
- 5 books read this month.

Casual Classics
3/4 books read
- 2 books read this month

New Authors Challenge
- 7/13 books read
- 5 books read this month

ROYB Month
-6/25 books read
- 2 books read this month.

Favourite book of the Month: Oryx and Crake
Least Favourite Book of the Month: Children of Men

Overall I’m happy with my progress, well not as happy as I would like to be, but because I’ve been so busy with school, I’ve been doing alright. I’m signing up for another challenge, sigh, but it’s a fun one. But at least, I can do a lot over overlapping. Not to mention, I should be able to finish Casual Classics and New Authors for March! So it all works out! Keep reading!


  1. You got quite a few read this month. February does seem much shorter than 28 days.

  2. Some great books there - are you planning to see the Marley and Me film?

  3. How many books do you usually average over a 1 week period? Some people I know can do 2 or 3, but I am not usually so lucky. I get about 1 read a week. And, like you, I noticed that the short month was a hindrance to reading for me as well.

  4. It depends how busy I am with other things. Sometimes I can read 2 or 3 one week. Then the next none, then 1 - 2 etc. Also depends on how busy I've been. Sorry it took so long to reply, been a busy week at a placement for school Getting up at 5 am..... long days (although I read on the commute)