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Book Review: The Glimpses of the Moon

Title: The Glimpses of the Moon

Author: Edith Wharton

Pages: 297

Summary: In 1922, two years after publication of the Pulitzer Prize-winning classic The Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton wrote a novel that was acclaimed by the New York Times and quickly became an international bestseller. Se in the 1920s, The Glimpses of the Moon details the romantic misadventures of Nick Lansing and Susy Branch, a couple with the right connections but not much in the way of funds. They devise a shrewd bargain: they’ll marry and spend a year or so sponging off their wealthy friends, honeymooning in their mansions and villas. As Susy explains, “We should really, in a way, help more than we should hamper each other. We both know the ropes so well; what one of us didn’t see the other might- in the way of opportunities, I mean. And then we should be a novelty as married people. We’re both rather unusually popular-why not be frank?-- and it’s such a blessing for dinner-givers to be able to count on a couple of whom neither one is a blank” The other part of the plan is that if either one of them meets someone who can advance them socially, they’re each free to dissolve the marriage. How their plan unfolds in a comedy of eros that will charm all fans of Wharton’s work. Out of print for deceases, The Glimpses of the Moon is a welcome addition to the literary achievement of our most enduring authors.

My Rating: 4.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I wish I could say this was a good book. After all, it’s a New York Time bestseller, the author has won awards in previous works, and it’s on the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die List. So, it has a lot of things going for it. I wish I could say it lived up to its hype, but it didn’t. The book was boring, nothing happened, it was just a long over stretched story about a husband and wife, with rich friends who fall in love with someone else and decide to pursue these interests. There isn’t much to the story, just the day to day lives of couple and their friends. There rich friends. The book was boring, in fact, summary blurb on the back of the book explains the entire story, so you don’t need to read the book after that really. To some the book up, can be done in one word. Cliché. It’s your basic “love story which has some sort of trial in it. Then of course after this try it all ends happily ever after. I sort of gave a way the ending there, but you can easily guess what happens in the end to this couple who pursued their own interests and faced a trial in their path. Sigh, such great hype, the language/style of the story isn’t what I expected, I was expecting something more lyrical or beautiful style, from what the reviews said. I was expecting something great, what I got was something, not so great. Oh well you win some you lose some.

Would I recommend it to read: No, I don’t think I would, there are far better books you could read from the 1001 List of Books to read before you die, that would be better reads than this.

What to read next: I can’t say for sure, check out the 1001 Books to Read Before you Die List.

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  1. Sorry this one wasn't good. Reading the summary, I thought it sounded interesting, but it sounds like the plot wasn't really inventive. Thanks for your honest review.