Thursday, February 26

Booking Through Thursday - Collectibles

  • Hardcover? Or paperback?
  • Illustrations? Or just text?
  • First editions? Or you don’t care?
  • Signed by the author? Or not?

Wow! Great question! I do collect book, like they're going out of style, If I had a more steady income and disposable income, well lets just say, that my collection would be even bigger than it is now. I own 229 books. 223 of them are fictional.

I like hardcover books, but mainly in special editions of the book. For example there is this nice Jane Austen Hardcover collectible I've been DYING to get my hands on. Also, my Harry Potter Books are all, well will be, Hard Cover Adult Editions. I also have sub collections, within the whole collection. I collect certain editions or publications of the books. Tolkien Collection, is all the black covers.

For the most part, I'm not to picky on the covers, unless Im collecting the books by the same author, and it's a series I love and want consistancy in the collection for that author, but there is only a few I'm picky like that on. The rest, I just like the book. I keep them all, except the books I hated (happens so rarely). I also get most books used, so the edition doesn't matter much to me, as long as its in good condition.

I have three signed books, and I would like more, sadly some of the authors who I want to sign my books have been dead for some time (Dumas book signing anyone?).

I love havign shelves and shelves of books, the sheleves dont get very dusty, because there isn't much room for the dust to settle, and for what ever reason, that room doesnt have much dust. Not that I'm complaining!

So yes, I collect books. I would buy books every week if I could.....I should really sign up for Early Reviewrs on Library Things.....those books are free right? (Does anyone know if you have to pay shipping or anything on those?)


  1. The Early Reviewer books completely are free! One of my friends got a book the first month she was signed up for it!

  2. Hey there. Have you joined the Book Blogs ning yet? It's got over 1000 members! I just added a group for Ontario Book Bloggers if you'd like to join.

  3. I have joined Book Blogs Ning. And I joined the Ontario Book Blogs. Thanks for the info!