Sunday, February 8

Book Review: The Time Machine

Title: The Time Machine

Author: H.G Wells

Pages: 87

Summary: Late in the nineteenth century, a Victorian scientist shows his disbelieving dinner guests a device he claims is a Time Machine. Respectable London scarcely has the imagination to cope with him. A week later they reconvene to find him ragged, exhausted and garrulous. The tale he tells is f the year 802, 701, of life as it is lived on the exact same spot, in what once had been London. He has visited the future, he has encountered the future-race - elfin, beautiful, vegetarian, leading a life of splendid idleness. But this is not the only race these are not our only decedents. In the tunnels beneath the new Eden there lurks another life-form.

Wells's tale of the Victorian future is more than a fantastical yarn - it raises chilling questions about progress, social order, so-called civilisation and ultimate fate of the world.

My Rating: 8.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book:This book is said to be part of the Victorian Era of Literature, and I agree, it has that same elegant style of writing, that becomes captivating, and pulls you into the story. What differs with Wells’ story is that it’s a Victorian style of writing with the added themes of Sci-Fi, making it a unique and wonderful read. This dystopian story, differs slightly then the others I have read, it is a less evident example of it then I have read in others, but as the Time Traveller comes to this futuristic land, you can see hints of this dystopian society, although how sure can the reader be, is this a misunderstanding by a arrogant time traveller, of the lives of these futuristic people, or do they really live in fear, in this seemingly utopic society, turned dystopic from two races striving to survive?

I also loved the sci-fi appeal to it. It has a lot of similarities to so many sci-fi shows, literature and stories we grow up with now. The story has so many parts and themes; I think most readers, no matter their tastes in genres, will have some aspect they could enjoy. Suspense, adventure, Victorian style of writing wrapped in a sci-fi backdrop.

Would I recommend it to read:I would, like I said above, it has so many different aspects to the story, almost any reader, would likely enjoy it. The suspense aspect, isn’t as suspenseful as most would hope, so I can see some people finding the book boring, but it is just a short novella, so its worth the try, the style of writing is that wonderful style, that seems to be lost in most novels nowadays.

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  1. I read this book last month for the RYOB challenge and enjoyed it too.

  2. I know I've read this, but I've seen so many versions of it in movie and television, that I really don't remember how the book actually goes. Case in point--I didn't realize it was that short! Maybe I'll go back and read it again.