Wednesday, January 7

Books, Books, the wonderful Fruit!

I know, the title is corny, but I'm so happy about my recent "Used Book Store Finds!" I had to share, also, my re: "I Love To Read" book bag, I finally manged to get some pictures, they're aren't the best, but they'll do.

But, first my adventures in book purchasing. First of all, on Monday I had to buy books for school. And I spent 244 dollars on school books. They don't look interesting, but they are;
  • Supervision Concepts and Malpractices of Management
  • Workbook for DDC22 (Dewey Decimal Classification 22)
  • Learn Library of Congress Subject Access
  • Learn Library of Congress Classification
As you can see, I'm in for A LOT of memorization, and these aren't nearly as fascinating as the books I bought! But with those books, a literary book accidentally jumped in my pile, (I honestly don't know how that just jumped right off the shelves, and into my hands,does that ever happen to anyone else?) don't worry, I didn't use my text book money to purchase it, but I did use my change from all my Christmas money left overs to buy it. Fahrenheit 451. So I got that for Monday, which isn't bad, because I've been meaning to read/purchase the book for a while.

So yesterday I went to my used book store, and before I went I went to the Indigo, just to see if they had any post new years deals. They did. I was good though, I was tempted by a gift card I bought for a friend, but haven't given it to her yet, because we didn't have time to meet up, and now we're both in differerent cities, and I need to mail it to her, as for now it's taunting me. Anyways, Indigo (and Chapters/Coles) as a sale on Premier Classics, buy two get one free. Which, had I listend to the card and brought it with me, I could have got! I love the Premier Classic editions, almost all my Jane Austen Books are in those additions. I just like the covers, and they're fairly nice. Anyways, I ignored them, and decided, to go and check in what they had for the Bronte Sisters, to see if the happened to have the book I've been looking for, no such luck. But, I did find something else, something, very unexpected. A "littie gem".

I found a "rare find", something I didn't know existed, and somehting, according to library things, I'm the only one who has added ot, (well atleast on Library Things). I almost didn't see this thing, but I happened to see it shoved in with the other Bronte Sisters books. (Have I got your literary, book loving minds racing? To what I could have found at my local Indigo? what magical, book?)

Suspence, is over, I found "Stamcliffe's Hotel" by Charollette Bronte, a tiny little book, it's only about 14cm tall (5.6 inches) abd 10.5 cm wide (4.2 inches). In case your wondering, the average Mass Market Paperback, is about 18 cm tall and 10.5 cm wide and the average trade paperback is 20 cm tall and about 13 cm wide. So it was an awsome find! I was so happy, amost did't see it because it is so small. I won't write a blurb, because I've already read and reviewed the book, and I'll post that after this! It only cost 3 bucks! So obviously it came home with me.

Then I went to my trusty used bookstore across the street. I had a wonderful time. If I was given a shopping spree in there. OH MY! It would...well make the owner a very happy person, since I'd buy shoppign carts full of books (I'd have to "borrow" one from a grocery store, because he doens't actullly have carts). Anyways I broswed for ever, and I even brought a little list, so I could get some books, I know might be hard to get from the library, or ones that I want to own. Here's my list with pictures to match!
  • Alias Grace - Margaret Atwood
  • The Awakening and Selected Stories - Kate Chopin
  • The French Lieutenant's Woman - John Fowles
  • The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Writings - Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  • The Diviners - Margaret Laurence
  • Unless a Novel - Carol Shields
Six books...and it only cost 20$. Now I'm broke, I don't have any more spare cash, but it was worth it. I got a lot of great books. And they're in fantastic condition (for being used that is) Although the wosrt isa bit of wear and tear on the spines, (not broken or crease/craking) just some wear, and on one book, there's someones name across the top. My French Lieutennent's Woman looks brand new, and it may very well be, not sure, but it was only 7$ the msot expensive book, the others only costing 2 - 4 dollars each. So I did well. I don't have enough room on my book shelves, so I'm going to have to do rearranging, I'm going to double stack my wheel of time books and my three world cycle books, to make room, as my text books, cook books and dictioary, thesuarus, and french/enligsh dictionary are curently on the floor. Here's a picture of them..... sorry it's hard to see, my camera is old and it 3 mega pixels old or something like that (or whatever digital cameras go by)

Also, I realized this after I came home, and catalogued my books into LibraryThing and my own personal catalogue, almost all of the used bookstores, except the Diviners, are from the 1001 Books to read before you Die, list.

Alright, Blogger wont work right, it's not allowing me to upload pictures, so I'll have to do it later. Oh well.

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