Wednesday, November 12

Weekly Geeks #24

Weekly Geeks #24 - Author Fun Facts

Marian Keyes

Is a popular Irish writer, considered to be one of the original progenitors of "chick lit".

- During
her twenties her life-long low self esteem gradually mutated into a drinking problem (the issue of addictions, is later addressed in Rachel’s Holiday)

- She started writing in 1993 and her first book Watermelon was published in Ireland
in 1995

- Has written 11 books and contributed to six others the books include (italicized if I’ve read).
Watermelon Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married Rachel's Holiday Last Chance Saloon Sushi for Beginners Under the Duvet Further Under My Duvet (Cracks in my foundation) Angels The Other Side of the Story Anybody Out There? This Charming Man

novels are usually not written as serials nor with sequels or prequels, except for what has been known amongst her fandom as the "Walsh Sister Series" though it is not a series officially since reading one of the books that came after previous ones would not affect the reader's understanding of the plotline or characters; but would provide better background on character studies and some background information.

- In age order, the Walsh sisters are: Claire, the main character in Watermelon; Margaret "Maggie", in Angels; Rachel, in Rachel's Holiday; and Anna, in Anybody Out There? Each book and character deals with a different theme in overcoming a massive struggle, usually a dark one. A book is yet to be published which centers on the fifth and youngest sister, Helen.

- Watermelon has been made into a TV movie, and Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married has been made into a 16 part TV series

- Has a website -

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  1. Great choice of author! Marian always makes me laugh!