Sunday, November 2

Weekly Geek # 23

This week, every participant gets to choose one of the previous Weekly Geeks themes to repeat. I think it’ll be a lot of find seeing what everyone chooses. It’ll give me an idea of what the most popular themes have been, and it’ll give everyone else a break from seeing almost identical posts on the blog of all the WG participants. And of course it gives you the flexibility of choice.

Exceptionally simple instructions!

1. Browse through the previous Weekly Geeks posts.
2. Decide what you’d like to repeat.
3. Do it!
4. When you finish, come sign the Mr Linky with the url to your specific post, not just your general blog url.
5. Don’t forget to check out what other Weekly Geeks

Okay, so this is my first Weekly Geek. I've been meaning to do one for months..... but alas... anyways, I'm repeating Weekly Geek # 14 Bookish Photos.

I chose to show pictures of my book shelves, Used Bookstore finds 13 so far this year.

Also, sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, my camera sucks.

The first picture is of the whole book shelves from a year ago. At the time, the bottom shelf, of book shelf two only had dictionaries and random junk on it.... it dos not now. It barely fits the cook books and Trivia Purisuit 90's edition. And I have about eight books not on the shelf at the moment...wait....10 two have been out on loan for almsot three years now.. GRRR!

These next pictures are close ups of the shelves on book shelf one. Again, sorry they suck. Yes they're in alphabetical order.

Used Book store Finds: Top to bottom, left to right. Dr. Jekeyll and Mr. Hyde, Dark of the Sun, The Color Purple, The Hobbit (took forever to find that edition) Orlando, Posion Wood Bible, Outstreached Shadow, Cats Eye, Frankenstein (wait a minute... not sure about that one, now that I think of it...) The Waves, Under the Tuscan Sun, Further Under the Duvet, Great Expectations.

So there you have it! My collection, also know as my precious......


  1. Just seeing pictures of books on shelves fills me with joy! What a great collection.

  2. Your bookshelves are a lot tidier than mine! Great finds, too. :)

  3. thank you. The collection is one of my "preciousssss"

  4. Oh, I see you have a whole shelf for The Wheel of Time! I love finding other fans!!!

  5. Yeah, it kind of just happened like that with the Wheel of Time, although I like it when the series can be together on the same shelf. Neurotic I know.

    But a great series! I have read the first six books, and have a goal to have the other five finished for when the 12th book is released.

  6. You have such organized bookshelves I'm green with envy!!!