Tuesday, November 11


Title: Watermelon

Author: Marian Keyes

Pages: 520

Summary: Claire Webster has exactly the life she planned, complete with gorgeous husband James, cosy London flat, and a great job. But just hours after the birth of their first child, the bubble bursts, when James abandons her for an older woman.

With a baby she doesn’t know what to call, a wardrobe two dress sizes too small, and her self-esteem at an all time low, Claire decided there is only one place she can run to, and that’s back home to Dublin.

Thankfully her family are still themselves: her father bewildered, her sisters dippy as ever, and her mother still completely incapable of cooking anything edible. Sheltered by the love of her rather quirky, but protective family Claire realises that despite her grief, ‘Life, against its better judgement, goes on’. So she lets it. And gradually she begins to get better.

So when James eventually comes scuttling back, he’s in for a shock. Is there room in her life for him now? And, if she’s honest, how much does she still want that ‘perfect’ life back in London?

My Rating: 9.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: Keyes, never fails to disappoint me, and this Walsh Sister book is no exception. Wow. I loved it, absolutely loved it! I think I found my favourite Walsh sister (well next to Helen of course, I really can’t wait to see her in action in her own book). Claire, at times reminds me of me (usually when she’s at her best and strongest, but sometimes when she’s at her worse), so I think I was able to connect to her more then Rachel or Anna. Also, Claire is a little more level headed then the other two. Either way, this was a great story, filled with Keyes’ humour and wit.
The reader is brought along, as Claire struggles with the after math of her husband leaving her for another woman. The story is centered on her trying to get over this “up-set” and move on, or more of get her self back. The story isn’t about a struggling mother, and the ups and downs surrounding it. But how the effects of the broken relation ship affect Claire on multiple levels and her struggles to get through them.
What I like about the story is the end, and without spoiling, how much she grows. The last few chapters AMAZED me. (Well it was a tad predictable in a way) but it amazed me in the since ……possible spoiler warning, possible spoiler warning.
I wanted to shout for joy and yell You Go Girl!

Spoiler Warning Over. Sorry, but I couldn’t explain with out possibly hinting at something that happens in the end. I’m proud of Claire for what she did. Like with the rest, the reader is really able to enjoy, being able to step into the shoes of one of the Walsh sisters lives, and Claire really seems, in her personality to like to bring the reader into her story more, that the others. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing.
Overall, the book is a fantastic read, filled with Keyes with, the spectacular Walsh sisters, and a story with a woman, that can connect too many woman, on many different levels.

Would I recommend it to read: Yes! This is the kind of “chick-lit” I enjoy. The kind that don’t reinforce stereotypes set on woman by society. Marian Keyes, just has an ability to write great chick-lit, that I deem Woman’s Lit.
I think a lot of chick-lit fans would like it, and I guarantee, picking up any of the Walsh Sister’s books will make you fall in love with Keyes writing. (Or any book for that matter she’s written).

What to read next: Angels, Rachel’s Holiday, Anybody Out There? Are the other three Walsh sister books by Marian Keyes.


  1. My favourite Walsh sister book is Anybody Out There?

    Keyes is one of my favourites as well!

  2. I completely agree about Helen - I'm sad because hers will be the last Walsh sisters book, but it will be a riot!!

    Watermelon is the 1st Keyes book I ever read and it's my fave.