Friday, October 17

Used Bookstores: My Greatest Love

I went to an used Bookstore today and I was able to snag up a few good finds. I bought 5 books spending 15.65$. GO ME! I got The Waves and Orlando by Virginia Woolf. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Color Purple by Alice Walker and The Hobbit, the black cover edition (with the red dragon). I've been looking for this edition for YEARS! And I finally found it. I wanted to get more, but I held my self back. At the counter the had The Dutchess. I also saw the book thief, Girl with a Pearl Earing, handfuls of classics and more (and those were just the books I had on my list.) It's a great little bookstore. And 5 books for just over 15 bucks? That's a great deal.

The Waves cover is a little worn. And the Hobbit and the Waves both have someones name in the top corner of the inside cover. But small price to pay. I almost jumped for joy when I saw the Hobbit. You don't understand how long I've been looking for this, because well I'm a little neurotic when it comes to my books at times. I want my middle earth collection all to be those nice black covers. And all except the Hobbit were. And now, I have it. I've been searching and searching for it. People claimed it didn't exist! But now! NOW I HAVE IT! WHOOT! Alright I sound a little crazy. But fellow book lovers will understand. I may go back, a friend was suppose to come but they never got back to me, so I still have to take them to the pretty book store. Which means I may be able to get some more books. Currently I have 190 books. 191 if you include a small collection of stories and poems published by the creative writing gropu in high school.

Tomorrow I may use some of my newly purchased books for the 24hour read-a-thon. We'll see. Either way, I had to share my new purchases in my book blog. Because well they're books.

Here are my books:

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  1. did u start off really?! :) for read-a-thon?!