Tuesday, October 7

Tuesday Thingers

This week's question: -LibraryThing's Recently Added feature: do you look at it? Do you use it for ideas? Is there something listed there now that looks interesting to you? What have you added to your LT library recently? (click picture to link to the Tuesday Thinger's Blog)

My answer: I've just recently signed up for LibraryThing's, and I'm still getting used to all of its features. So, everything is new to me. I have noticed the Recently Added feature, but I've yet to use it for ideas. Although I have used "similar libraries" for ideas. Recently, I've added my entire collection of books I own currently (although one or two may have been ones I've just read, I can't quite remember). If you would like to visit me on LibraryThing's here is a link to my profile.

P.S: can you tell I'm avoiding homework? By doing fun daily challenges? In my defence, I left my classes early because I was ill, (Nauseous all morning, I think I ate some bad cheese or something


  1. welcome to LT and to Tuesday Thingers! :-)

  2. Welcome to Tuesday Thingers. I love LT and have been on it for several months and still have lots to learn about it.

  3. Welcome to the group! The "Thingers" group is a great way to find out about all those LT features you might not otherwise notice – I learn something new every week. It's lots of fun, but can be very addictive (so watch out!).