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TSS - Moons of Jupiter

Title: Moons of Jupiter

Author: Alice Munro

Pages: 233

Summary: The characters who populated and Alice Munro story live and breathe. Passions hopelessly conceived, affections betrayed, marriages made and broken: the joys, fears, loves and awakenings of women echo throughout these twelve unforgettable stories, laying bare and unexceptional and yet inescapable pain of human contact.

The twelve stories are:
- Chaddeleys and Flemings: Connection
- Chaddeleys and Flemings: The Stone in the Field
- Dulse
- The Turkey Season
- Bardon Bus
- Prue
- Labour Day Dinner
- Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Kidd
- Hard-Luck Stories
- Visitors
- The Moons of Jupiter

My Rating: 7.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: Overall, this books was good. Alice Munro is a good author, who brings realism in her stories. Often, I felt like I was peering into the lives of the people, and being able to watch them for the short time. She does a great job and portraying the emotions of the characters, making them all very believable, and as if they could have or do exist. I did find that some stories dragged a bit, or weren’t that interesting. Some characters, really bothered be, and you couldn’t connect. The Chaddeleys and Flemings, Visitors are to examples. But other stories were very well written, Turkey Season, Prue and Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Kidd. I also liked how a lot of the stories take place in small towns in Ontario, many of which I’m familiar with. She managed to get the “character of the towns” spot on.

Overall, a good book. Munro’s ability to create the level of realism in the stories, it gives the reader a good “peep” inside the lives of random people, with Munro’s ability to tell a good, story. My explanation of how here stories are told is similar to looking through the window of random peoples lives, and being able to catch snippets of them and their lives. (I’m weird, I know) It’s a perfect read to enjoy on a cold, damp day with some hot chocolate.

Would I recommend it to read: I would recommend it. It’s not my favourite, but it is still a very enjoyable read. I found I liked one of her other collection of short stories better, but she is a very talented author, even the ones that were a little boring for me or dragged on a bit, still portrayed her ability to tell a good story. For me it was just the plot of the story just didn’t connect to me so I felt that it dragged.

What to read next: Runaway, is the other collection of short stories I’ve read by her, so I’d start with that. Also try her other short stories or writings because she is a good author, and she is Canadian (I like to promote Canadian Authors, because I’m, Canadian, and they don’t get promoted as much as they deserve)

Afterthought tidbit: While reading the story, I found out that Alice Munro lives (at least some of the time) in a small town, Clinton, where my grandmother lives, and where I lived for a short time as a child. Small world huh? My grandmother doesn’t know her personally, but it’s just an interesting little piece of information.

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  1. I'm not a huge fan. You said that "some stories dragged a bit, or weren't that interesting." I've liked a few of her stories, but I find the majority of them dull.