Saturday, October 18

Read-A-Thon Pre-Start Post

The 24 Hour Read-A-Thon starts in about 12-15 minutes! I'm very excited. I have all my books stacked and ready to go. Got my coffee (well it's my morning coffee as it's almost 8 am where I am). I have parts of my dinner already made. The rest will have to be made when the time comes, put thats more of toasting the bagel and throwing dressing on the salad. Doing it in advanced will just cause sogginess. But the rest of the snacks are ready to go. I plan on eatting breakfast, which I never do, but need fuel to READ READ READ! It's all very exciting, I, oddly enough, dreamed about it all night...weird I know. Preparing my self I guess, I have multiple spots in my hosue picked out, the couch, chair, a chair in my den and maybe my desk chair and floor. I'm avoiding my bed, because well I'll fall asleep.

Here's a link to the main read-a-thon page:
Here's a link to Aerin at Gargantuan Books has created a wonderful page for the Read-A-Thon. A list of the participants are also found there.

All other information you wish to know can be found on those pages. I'm off, to start reading

If you wish to talk to me I have GTALK just add me: dobson.j.m
I also have MSN my name there is add me if you wish.


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  1. awesome! u r up early...good good!

    hope it is going well for you!
    happy reading!

    3 cheers
    read on for read-a-thon!