Sunday, October 19

Read-a-Thon - Overview of My experiences

Here is an overall post of my experiences of the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon.
Of the 24 hours I stayed awake for 22 hours. I was to tired to make it to the final 2.I tried, I really tried. But I started to see shadows everywhere and the worlds began to blur together. I knew I should have had the coffee at 1 am not 4. Oh well.
Of those 22 hours I stayed awake, I read for 19 hours. Although the last two to three hours my reading slowed considerably. So I didn’t get as much reading done near the end as I would have liked.

I completed two novels
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
The Princess Bride

Six Short Stories (of 10 or 11) From Moons of Jumpier
Chaddeleys and Flemings
1) Connection
2) The Stone in the Field
The Turkey Season
Bardon Bus

And I began three other novels (near the end I hoped around a lot)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

All together I red 1006 pages.

So I feel somewhat accomplished. I was hopping I could have finished the short stories and at least one other novel. I would probably been able to finish Bridget Jones Diary: Edge of Reason, but I’ve only watched the first movie. And the book is for a Literature Class. So I thought it might be best to read it when I’m not dead tired.

Next time around, I think I may have designated break times, and maybe have those 3 or 4 hours of having 30 minute or 1 hour breaks through out the challenge. Rather then take 5 minutes here 15 there etc. Might be better for my eyes that way and I may be able to not feel those last hours as dragging. Also, I think I should have planned my coffee drinks. I had two early own, then nothing except some pop until almost four. I think I should have had coffee around one then again at four to keep myself good.

Other than that I really did well, didn’t reach my goals, but this was my first time, so now I know how it all works, how I get after awhile, and I’ll be able to come back the next time and be here for the full 24 hours. I think I rather stay up longer, finish more books, then read for longer hours.

Reviews of Books will be up later today or tomorrow. I may try to finish the last few short stories in Moons of Jupiter and write a review for that.

Congratulations to all who competed, the hosts creators, cheerleaders and readers. Also congrads to those who won prizes and stayed up the full 24 hours. Also, thanks to all of those who dropped by and gave your support.


  1. great job on your reading!!! YOu read 1006 pages, IMPRESSIVE.

    The same exact thing happened to me, the last two hours I just fell asleep. I wanted to finish my last book so bad...but my brain and eyes were done. :)

    I miss the read-a-thon already :) I can't wait for the next one.

  2. congrats! i think you did super awesome...especially for your first time. i'm hoping to try myself in april...that will be my first time, so it's nice to see how people would do things differently so i'm prepared!!!