Sunday, August 10

Who You Know

Title: Who You Know

Author: Theresa Alan

Pages: 352

Summary: Rette: I'd always imagined being the sort of adventurous girl who'd have an affair with a dark-eyed stranger on the Eurail. Instead, I'm getting married, planning the wedding of my mother's dream, and searching for a dress that can cover my size 14 body without making me look like a toliet paper role.

Jen: Waking up with a searing hangover on a work day? Not good. Waking up to discover you're not alone in bed is ohmygod not good. I'd admit that lately I've been a bit out of control. But I', going to get it together, I promise. Right after I make that cute computer tech guy from work my love slave...

Avery: Asleep on the couch at ten o'clock - just another Saturday night for me. Maybe there's no such thing as romance. Maybe it's just a concept created by marketing executives to sell perfume, candles and weekend getaways. Still hope springs, eternal. And it's got to be better then working for a living...right?

My Rating: 3.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I really disliked this book. I wouldn't say I hated it. But it is close. I picked it because I thought it would be similar to Marian Keyes, Cathy Kelly or Sophia Kinsella. I was wrong. The book wouldn't have been half bad if it wasn't so predictable and full of such stereotypes. It was ridiculous. I grew very sick of Jen's shallowness, and the fact she was a bitch. She barely grew as a character, until the last 10 pages, and the only reason we knew it was through another character's eyes.

The entire book could be predicted pretty much from the first few chapters. It was like a overly cheesy D- movie love story, combined with spurs of sex in the city that came out of nowhere. Seriously some of the sex scenes were a little out of nowhere, and was just there, to have a sex scene because the author couldn't find something that could make the story interesting, so instead she put a sex scene in that wasn't of any use.

One good thing about the book was the use of humour at the beginning. But that was soon lost in the amount of crud, the book had.

Would I recommend it to read: No one. Unless you're into this type of book.

What to read next: Do you're self a favour and read chick-lit that isn't bad. Marian Keyes, Cathy Kelly, Sophie Kinsella. Just not this.

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