Monday, August 11

The Way Between the Worlds

Title: The Way Between the Worlds - The View from the Mirror Volume 4

Author: Ian Irvine

Pages: 736

Summary: The Three Worlds Cycle comprises a series of at least twelve books set on the three linked worlds of Santhenar, Aachan and Tallallame. The cycle details the struggle for survival between four human species: old humans, Aachim, Faellem and Charon, as well as a variety of other creatures, both intelligent and beastly (and some of the humans can be pretty beastly too!). (Taken for Ian Irvine's website. I can't really go to much into a summary, as I would ruin the story for you to what happens in the other three.) Think big adventurous tales of good versus evil and the morally grey and lovable characters.

My Rating: 9/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: Like the other's this book had me hooked from the first pages, and this book takes off pretty much where Dark is the Moon leaves off. Finally everything is revealed and you finally find out about what you're waiting for. I know for one there was a particular character I was DYING to have explained to me and he was. Shand. I love his character. All the characters are likable even some of the more foul and evil ones. Irvine is able to make the inhumane enough to make sure you know they're evil but the all have back stories, they all have qualities that make them almost good. Which is part of the reason this series is so great. Another aspect is his ability to almost create this world in your head, visualize the little details while you read this story. I like this, because it unique compared to what I normally read in fantasy. One issue I had was at times you wanted to pummel the characters for some of their repeated stupidity, but I guess it makes the story what it is character wise, because you get involved. The story it's self is wrapped up, to a certain extent, I was expecting something different in the ending, but I liked the ending even better for what it was. Another issue I have with this series, is once you start you crave more. I'm trying to enjoy it slowly, because there is only so many in the series.

Would I recommend it to read: Read this series. If you like Fantasy then you should read this. It is a fantastic series and I'm so thankful that someone told me about it. It has become one of my favourites.

What to read next: The next quartet in the cycle is called the Wall of Echoes. The books are; 1: Geomancer, 2:Tetrarch 3: Alchymist (it is also known as Scrutator) 4: Chimaera .

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