Wednesday, August 6

I am America and So Can You

Title: I am America (and So can You)

Author: Stephen Colbert (from the Colbert Report)

Pages: 250

Summary: From Stephen Colbert, the host of television's highest-rated punditry show The Colbert Report, comes the book to fill the other 23¿ hours of your day. I Am America (And So Can You!) contains all of the opinions that Stephen doesn't have time to shoehorn into his nightly broadcast.

My Rating: 9/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This book is a non stop laugh. It's like his show, tied neatly into a book. It has his usually sarcasm and whit in it, it's full of similar "issues" that he talks about in his show. It's another book that you read just to get a good laugh. If you liked the show it's for you. It is honestly just a bunch of his "rants/talks" prolonged into a book and split into chapters.

Would I recommend it to read: If you liked comedy, or his show then I recommend the book. He is very sarcastic and open minded in it, so if you do offend easily, you may not want to read the book, because I can see it being offencive for some, but it's a book you should read, behind the sarcastic lines and what have you, there are some interesting points hidden in there about society today/

What to read next: I am America and So Can You on tape (ha), Also John Stewarts and Rick Mercer's Books will probably have similarities.

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