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Dark is the Moon

Title: Dark is the Moon (The View from the Mirror Book 3)

Author: Ian Irvine

Pages: 704

Summary: This is the third volume of 4 in the View from the Mirror quartet. I don't want to say much about the summery, because the summary of this book spoils what happens in the first two. The book (along with the other three from the quartet) are part of a collection of books broken down into quartets, called the Three Worlds Cycle. Here's a basic little "summary" from Irvine's web page
The View from the Mirror could be called a Darwinian fantasy. It's got nothing to do with the perennial (and sadly jaded) struggle of good vs evil. It's about the struggle for existence between four human species, each believing it has the better right to exist. Well, that's what Ian says - actually it's just an excuse for an enormous, action-packed adventure. The Quartet consists of:

  1. A Shadow on the Glass, 2) The Tower on the Rift, 3) Dark is the Moon 4) The Way between the Worlds

My Rating: 9.5/10 And probably my favourite of the quartet.

What I liked/disliked about the book: Since the book is part of a quartet, each picks up pretty much where the other's leave off. The book is so great for the most part because you keep guessing what's going to happen. Character's who have secrets, don't reveal them to the end. There is also a great adventure as the characters embark on, almost Tolkien like (although I doubt anything will measure up to it). One issue, and I have it with a lot of epic fantasy novels, there are times the story drags on a bit, or some of the character's characteristics annoy you to the point you want to beat them over the head. But that's one of the great things about Irvine, you care about the characters and you are almost screaming at them when they do something unexspected or that you don't want then to do.

Would I recommend it to read: Yes I would, be warned these are long books, they contain a lot of information. But Irvine is a talented writer, he creates an amazing fantasy world, ad has a lovely style if writing. Any fan of fantasy looking to explore new authors or stories should look here.

What to read next: The Way Between the Worlds, the conclusion of this quartet and then start on the next quartet labelled " The Wall of Echoes" would be a start. Also fantasy fans like my self may also enjoy other epic fantasy series like Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, Terry Brooks Shannara Series or Terry Goodkind's Series.

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