Tuesday, August 12

The Black Tulip

Title: The Black Tulip

Author: Alexander Dumas

Pages: 288

Summary: Cornelius von Baerle lives only to cultivate the elusive black tulip and win a magnificent prize for its creation. But when his powerful godfather is assassinated, the unwitting Cornelius becomes caught up in a deadly political intrigue. Falsely accused of high treason by a bitter rival, Cornelius is condemned to life in prison. His only comfort is Rosa, the jailer's beautiful daughter, who helps him concoct a plan to grow the black tulip in secret. As Robin Buss explains in his informative introduction, Dumas infuses his story with elements from the history of the Dutch Republic (including two brutal murders) and Holland's seventeenth-century "tulipmania" phenomenon.

My Rating: 10/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I loved this book. It took me forever to find it, but I finally got my hands on it and fell in love with this story. The story is full of intriguing characters, who from Dumas' talent allow you to fall in love with them as you journey through the story. This is a lesser known tale, but it is similar to Count of Monte Crisco. And you are waiting for Cornelius to get what he deserves and are outrage by the treachery and lies you see through the book. You also grow to enjoy the story of the black tulip and it's growth throughout the book. I think it symbolizes many of the themes in the book, but I'll let you read it. If you like Dumas, then the book won't disappoint, if you never read him, then read this. He has an elegant style of writing and a unique style, that makes the reader feel they're apart of the story, or watching it unfold through the sidelines. It doesn't contain the action or adventure Dumas is so famous for in the Three Musketeers, but it contains his lovable characters and beautiful styles of writing and story telling.

Would I recommend it to read: Of course. You must read this book this year. This is one of the books, that you need to read, there are a few books on my list that you shouldn't ignore the recommendation. And this is one of them.

What to read next: Count of Monte Crisco, Three Musketeers, Twenty Years Later. That should get you to a good start.

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